1st Edition

Specialty Polymers Fundamentals, Properties, Applications and Advances

Edited By Ram K. Gupta Copyright 2023
    492 Pages 146 Color & 32 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    492 Pages 146 Color & 32 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This comprehensive volume provides current, state-of-the-art information on specialty polymers that can be used for many advanced applications. The book covers the fundamentals of specialty polymers, synthetic approaches, and chemistries to modify their properties to meet the requirements for special applications, along with current challenges and prospects. Chapters are written by global experts, making this a suitable textbook for students and a one-stop resource for researchers and industry professionals.  

    Key Features:  

    - Presents synthesis, characterization, and applications of specialty polymers for advanced applications.  

    - Provides fundamentals and requirements for polymers to be used in many advanced and emerging areas.     

    - Details novel methods and advanced technologies used in polymer industries.   

    - Covers the state-of-the-art progress on specialty polymers for a range of advanced applications. 


    1.Specialty Polymers: An Introduction
    Yash N. Desai, Magdalene A. Asare, Felipe M. de Souza, Ram K. Gupta

    2.Materials and Chemistries of Polymers
    Mansi Sharma, Pragati Chauhan, Rekha Sharma, and Dinesh Kumar

    3. Natural Resources for Polyurethanes Industries
    Magdalene A. Asare, Felipe M. de Souza and Ram K. Gupta

    4.Recent advances in edible polymers
    Jiao Xie, Jingjing Kang

    5.Chicken Fat: A Promising and Sustainable Raw Material
    for Polyurethane Industries
    A.A.P.R. Perera, K.A.U. Madhushani, Felipe M. de Souza, Tim Dawsey, and Ram K. Gupta

    6.Self-healing polymers
    Giulio Malucelli

    7.Emerging Applications of Photocurable Polymers
    Zehra Yildiz, Emine D. Kocak

    8.Hyperbranched polymer and their emerging applications

    Saeed Bastani, Morteza Ganjaee Sari, Samane Jafarifard

    9. Advanced Polymers for Defense Applications
    Nektarios K. Nasikas and Dionysios E. Mouzakis

    10. Polymers for Additive Manufacturing
    Rossella Arrigo and Giulio Malucelli

    11. Emerging Applications of Polymers for Automobile Industries
    Rossella Arrigo and Giulio Malucelli

    12. Nanocomposites for Toxic Waste Removal
    Pragati Chauhan, Mansi Sharma, Rekha Sharma, and Dinesh Kumar

    13. Polymeric Adsorbents for Toxic Waste Removal
    Md. Sadiqul Islam Sheikh, Md. Mahinur Islam, Md. Saddam Hossain, and Md. Mominul Islam

    14. Smart polymers for food and water quality control and safety
    Saúl Vallejos, Miriam Trigo-López, Ana Arnaiz, Álvaro Miguel, and José M. García

    15. Polymers and their Nanocomposites for Corrosion Protection
    Vishwa Suthar, Felipe M. de Souza, Magdalene A. Asare, and Ram K. Gupta

    16. Polymers for smart coatings
    Abbas Mohammadi, Alireza Fatahi, Abbas Mohammadi, and Mohamad Reza Sarfjoo

    17. Polymers for smart sensors
    Matineh Ghomi, Mahtab Yadolahi, Farnaz Dabbagh Moghaddam, and
    Ehsan Nazarzadeh Zare

    18. Polymers for Textile Industry
    Emine D. Kocak, Zehra Yildiz

    19. Polymers for adhesives and sealants
    S. T. Mhaske, Karan W. Chugh, Umesh R. Mahajan, and Jyotidarsan Mohanty

    20. Polymers for foams and their emerging applications
    Adrija Ghosh, Jonathan Tersur Orasugh, Dipankar Chattopadhyay, and Suprakash Sinha Ray

    21. Polymers for high-performance flame-retardant materials
    Styliani Papatzani, D.E. Mouzakis, and Panagiota Koralli

    22. Emerging applications of polymer in biomedical and pharmaceutical fields
    Melbha Starlin Chellathurai, Syed Mahmood, Zarif Mohamed Sofian, and Najihah Binti Mohd Hashim

    23. Specialty Polymers for Biomedical Applications
    Buwanila T. Punchihewa, A.A.P.R. Perera, Felipe M. de Souza, and Ram K. Gupta

    24. Advanced polymers for biomedical applications
    Sinem Özlem Enginler, Nazlı Albayrak, Selcan Karaku

    25. Recent advancements in polymers for biomedical applications
    Mattia Bartoli, and Alberto Tagliaferro

    26. Advanced Polymers for Craniomaxillofacial Reconstruction
    Dinesh Rokaya, Ashutosh K. Singh, Sasiwimol Sanohkan, and Suresh Nayar

    27. Emerging applications of polymers for supercapacitors
    Larissa Bach-Toledo, Bruna M. Hryniewicz, Gabriela De Alvarenga, Tatiana L. Valerio, Rafael J. Silva, Jean Gustavo de A. Ruthes, Andrei Deller, Vanessa Klobukoski, Franciele Wolfart and Marcio Vidotti

    28. A Facile Approach to Recycling Used Face Masks for High-Performance Energy Storage Devices
    Anjali Gupta, Cassia A. Allison, Mahesh Chaudhari, Priyesh Zalavadiya, Felipe M. de Souza, Ram K. Gupta, and Tim Dawsey

    29. Polymers in Display Devices
    Neena George, Ajalesh B Nair, Simi Pushpan K, and Rani Joseph

    30. Polymers in Flexible Devices
    Khairunnisa Amreen and Sanket Goel



      Dr. Ram Gupta is an Associate Professor at Pittsburg State University. Dr. Gupta’s research focuses on green energy production, storage using 2D materials, optoelectronics and photovoltaics devices, bio-based polymers, flame-retardant polyurethanes, conducting polymers & composites, organic-inorganic hetero-junctions for sensors, bio-compatible nanofibers for tissue regeneration, scaffold & antibacterial applications, and bio-degradable metallic implants. Dr. Gupta has published around 250 peer-reviewed articles, made over 320 national/international/ regional presentations, chaired many sessions at national/international meetings, and edited/wrote several books/chapters for leading publishers such as the American Chemical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry, CRC, Elsevier, Springer, and Wiley. He has published many research articles related to energy materials in high-impact journals such as Nature Communications, Solar Energy, Scientific Reports, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Chemistry of Materials, to name a few. He has received about two and a half million dollars for research and educational activities from external agencies. He is serving as Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editor, and editorial board member for several journals.