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Spectroscopy of High-Tc Superconductors
A Theoretical View

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ISBN 9780415288088
Published March 19, 2003 by CRC Press
304 Pages

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Book Description

Despite ten years of intensive research, many questions remain unanswered concerning the nature of the electronic structure (Fermi vs non-Fermi liquid) and mechanisms of superconductivity.

Spectroscopy of High-Tc Superconductors, A Theoretical View provides a current, comprehensive review of the experimental results and theoretical interpretations concerning elementary excitation spectra (electronic, phononic, charge, and spin fluctuations) in high-Tc superconductors (HTSC). It discusses accepted microscopic models that describe the electronic structure of the copper-oxide plane - the three-band model, the generalized Emery model, the one-band Hubbard model, different kinds of the t-J model, and the regular Kondo-lattice model - and compares them with ARPES experiments.

Leading Russian researchers also consider experimental results obtained by Raman scattering both by phonons and electronic excitations, including magnetic excitations in antiferromagnets in the normal phase, on almost all the types of superconducting cuprates. The results are treated theoretically with the emphasis on features thought to be related to superconductivity. The book also gives an account of the properties of the microwave surface impedance and complex conductivity as functions of temperature common for high-quality single crystals: YBCO, BSCCO, TBCCO, and BKBO. The basics of the muon method and a review of experimental results for superconducting states of different HTSC-compounds are also presented.

By offering a thorough examination of current research in the field, this book will appeal to advanced students and researchers working in superconductivity and theoretical condensed matter physics.

Table of Contents

Spin Polaron in the Cuprate Superconductors: Interpretation of the ARPES Results, A.F. Barabanov, L.A. Maksimov, and A.V. Mikkeyenkov
The Main Idea of the Local Spin-Polaron Concept in Strongly Correlated Models
The Spherically Symmetric Approach for the Frustrated Two-dimensional Heisenberg Antiferromagnet
The Local Spin Polaron Motion
From Local to Complex Spin Polaron
The Spin-polaron Beyond the Mean-Field Approximation

What Can One Learn from Raman Spectra of High-Temperature Superconductors?, E.Ya. Sherman, O.V. Misochko, and P. Lemmens
Basics of Light Scattering
Phonon Raman Scattering in the Cuprates
Electronic Raman Scattering in the Cuprates
Problems and Conclusions

In-plane Microwave Response of High-Tc Single Crystals: Experiment and Theory, M.R. Trunin and A.A. Golubov
Electrodynamics of Superconductors
Experimental Procedure
Experimental Results
Modified Two-fluid Model
On the Way to a Microscopic Theory

Study of High-Tc Superconductors by mSR-Technique, Yu.M. Belousov and V.P. Smilga
General Provisions of Ginzburg-Landau's Theory
Muon Method for Isotropic Superconductors
Muon Method for Anisotripic Superconductors (HTSC)
Pinning and Distortion of Vortex Structures
Application of Theoretical Results to Experimental Data Processing
Temperature Dependence of the Main Parameters of HTSC (l and x)
Vortex Lattice Melting and Transition to Three-dimension Structure
Variation of mSR Signal in Non-equilibrium State of HTSC
Study of Dependence Tc on Degree of Doping
Rare-earth Ion Magnetism
Co-existence of Magnetic Ordering and Superconductivity

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Proffesor Plakida is Head of the Department of Bogolubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow