1st Edition

Speech Accompanying-Gesture A Special Issue of Language and Cognitive Processes

Edited By Sotaro Kita Copyright 2009
    194 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    When we speak, we often spontaneously produce gestures. Such gestures are an integral part of face-to-face verbal communication. The relationship between speech and gesture is the theme of this Special Issue. The articles cover a wide range of issues: cultural differences, language and gesture development, cognitive development, bilingualism, foreign language learning, persuasion, and "common grounds" between the speaker and the addressee. The Special Issue is of interest not only to those who study the multimodal nature of communication, but also to those who seek new insights into psycholinguistic issues, using gesture as the "window" into the speaker's mind.

    S. Kita, Cross-cultural Variation of Speech-accompanying Gesture: A Review. S. Stefanini, A. Bello, M.C. Caselli, J.M. Iverson, V. Volterra, Co-speech Gestures in a Naming Task: Developmental Data. S. Özçaliskan, S. Goldin-Meadow, When Gesture-speech Combinations Do and Do Not Index Linguistic Change. K. Sekine, Changes in Frame of Reference Use Across the Preschool Years: A Longitudinal Study of the Gestures and Speech Produced During Route Descriptions. F. Maricchiolo, A. Gnisci, M. Bonaiuto, G. Ficca, Effects of Different Types of Hand Gestures in Persuasive Speech on Receivers' Evaluations. J. Holler, K. Wilkin, Communicating Common Ground: How Mutually Shared Knowledge Influences Speech and Gesture in a Narrative Task. S. Casey, K. Emmorey, Co-speech Gesture in Bimodal Bilinguals. S. Kelly, T. McDevitt, M. Esch, Brief Training with Co-speech Gesture Lends a Hand to Word Learning in a Foreign Language.


    Sotaro Kita