1st Edition

Speech Perception and Spoken Word Recognition

Edited By Gareth Gaskell, Jelena Mirković Copyright 2017
    216 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    216 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Speech Perception and Spoken Word Recognition features contributions from the field’s leading scientists, and covers recent developments and current issues in the study of cognitive and neural mechanisms that take patterns of air vibrations and turn them ‘magically’ into meaning. The volume makes a unique theoretical contribution in linking behavioural and cognitive neuroscience research, and cutting across traditional strands of study, such as adult and developmental processing.

    The book:

    • Focusses on the state of the art in the study of speech perception and spoken word recognition
    • Discusses the interplay between behavioural and cognitive neuroscience evidence, and between adult and developmental research
    • Evaluates key theories in the field and relates them to recent empirical advances, including the relationship between speech perception and speech production, meaning representation and real-time activation, and bilingual and monolingual spoken word recognition
    • Examines emerging areas of study such as word learning and time-course of memory consolidation, and how the science of human speech perception can help computer speech recognition

    Overall this book presents a renewed focus on theoretical and developmental issues, as well as a multifaceted and broad review of the state of research, in speech perception and spoken word recognition. Particularly interested readers will be researchers of psycholinguistics and adjoining fields as well as advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students.

    1. Representation of Speech; Ingrid Johnsrude
    2. Development of Speech Perception; Patricial Kuhl
    3. Speech Segmentation; Sven Mattys and Heather Bortfeld
    4. Mapping Spoken Word Forms to Meaning; James Magnuson
    5. Modeling Spoken Work Recognition; Daniel Mirman
    6. Vocabulary Development; Anne Fernald
    7. Plasticity in Adulthood; Bob McMurray
    8. Developmental Speech Disorder; Bruce McCandliss
    9. Multilingual Spoken Word Recognition; Nuria Sebastian Galles
    10. Perception and Production; Sophie Scott


    Gareth Gaskell is Professor of Psychology at the University of York, UK.

    Jelena Mirkovic is Senior Lecturer in Psychology at York St John University, UK, and an Honorary Fellow at the University of York, UK.

    'I think it's an absolutely top-notch proposal and we should definitely say yes. I know Gareth well, and he's a world expert and big name in the area, so we're lucky to have him.' - Trevor Harley, Series Editor

    'The list of proposed contributors (the majority of whom have agreed to contribute) is outstanding. I expect it would be a well-used library book.’ - Jeffrey Bowers, Professor of Psychology, University of Bristol, UK

    ‘I think that the chapters in the proposed volume are very likely to succeed in presenting a new synthesis of recent behavioural and cognitive neuroscience research on speech perception and spoken word recognition. […] The current proposal is interesting, exciting and original.’ - Matt Davis, Programme Leader – Hearing, Speech and Language, University of Cambridge, UK