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Beyond Aphasia Therapies For Living With Communication Disability

Beyond Aphasia: Therapies For Living With Communication Disability

1st Edition

By Carole Pound, Susie Parr, Jayne Lindsay, Celia Woolf
January 01, 1999

This book focuses explicitly on therapeutic techniques developed from a social model approach to disability and learning to live with difference. It describes theories, activities and methods of implementation developed from the work of Connect with people with long term aphasia. "Theoretical ...

Head Injury A Practical Guide

Head Injury: A Practical Guide

2nd Edition

By Trevor Powell
February 06, 2004

This popular and bestselling book has been brought up to date with the latest information on caring for someone with a head injury. Newly published, it includes an additional chapter on long term emotional adjustment, plus extended sections on other types of brain injury, returning to work, anger ...

The Essential Dementia Care Handbook A Good Practice Guide

The Essential Dementia Care Handbook: A Good Practice Guide

1st Edition

By Fiona Goudie
May 31, 2018

Replacing the successful "Working with Dementia", this edition draws together many new ideas and practical approaches from a wide variety of professionals working at the leading edge of the provision of services to people with dementia and provides a comprehensive account of current best practice. ...

Challenging Behaviour in Dementia A Person-Centred Approach

Challenging Behaviour in Dementia: A Person-Centred Approach

1st Edition

By Graham Stokes
July 14, 2000

Understanding socially disruptive behavior in dementia is never easy. Most explanations offer neither solace nor solutions for families and carers, and treatment is often characterized by policies of control and containment. The result of Graham Stokes' 15 years of clinical work with people who are...

The Good Practice Guide to Therapeutic Activities with Older People in Care Settings

The Good Practice Guide to Therapeutic Activities with Older People in Care Settings

1st Edition

By Tessa Perrin
February 23, 2005

There are many activity manuals on the market today but this publication is the first to offer a clear guideline on exactly what constitutes good practice in activity provision. Written by the National Association for Providers of Activities for Older People (NAPA), a charity whose remit is to set ...

The New Culture of Therapeutic Activity with Older People

The New Culture of Therapeutic Activity with Older People

1st Edition

By Tessa Perrin
November 25, 2004

Once viewed as entertainment, activity provision is increasingly being seen as of therapeutic value and an integral part of quality care practice. This change has been so rapid and far-reaching that many staff teams have been left behind, attempting to address new culture requirements with old ...

Elder Abuse Therapeutic Perspectives in Practice

Elder Abuse: Therapeutic Perspectives in Practice

1st Edition

By Andrew Papadopoulos
January 01, 1999

This book is primarily aimed at care workers and other practitioners whose roles involve working directly with older individuals, couples and families experiencing abuse, and who seek to enhance their knowledge and skills concerning psychological therapies....

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