1st Edition

Spintronics in Nanoscale Devices

Edited By Eric R. Hedin, Yong S. Joe Copyright 2014
    222 Pages 10 Color & 72 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    By exploiting the novel properties of quantum dots and nanoscale Aharonov–Bohm rings together with the electronic and magnetic properties of various semiconductor materials and graphene, researchers have conducted numerous theoretical and computational modeling studies and experimental tests that show promising behavior for spintronics applications. The book provides researchers investigating this cutting-edge field with detailed background descriptions of spin-based effects and devices and their theoretical analysis in nanoelectronic circuits.

    Spin-Polarized Transport in Quantum Dots System with Rashba Spin-Orbit Interaction
    X-T An and J-J Liu
    Optical Properties of Spins in Coupled Semiconductor Quantum Dots
    E Stinaff
    Triangular Triple Quantum Dots Driven by AC Magnetic Fields
    G Platero
    Spin Polarized Transmission through Single and Double Aharanov-Bohm Rings with Embedded Quantum Dots
    E Hedin and Y Joe
    Atomistic Tight-Binding Simulation of Spin-Orbit Coupled Semiconductor Devices
    S Souma
    Hybrid Spintronic/Straintronics: A Super Energy-Efficient Computing Paradigm Based on Interacting Multiferroic Nanomagnets
    J Atulasimha and S Bandyopadhyay
    The magnetic Properties of Nanostructures Synthesized on Vicinal Surface
    R Cheng
    Magnetism and Spintronics in Graphene
    M W C Dharma-wardana


    Eric R. Hedin, Yong S. Joe