1st Edition

Spiritual Healing for Trauma and Addiction Discussions of Mental Health, Recovery, and Faith

    178 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    178 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Through stories and conversations, Drs. Dolores BigFoot and Allyson Kelley reflect on research, clinical work, faith-based topics, spirituality, and recovery. They invite readers to reflect on what it means to walk on a healing path. 

    Beginning with a brief history of broken spirits and a broken world, the book then discusses the causes of brokenness, vulnerability to brokenness, and healing as a construct of social justice and advocacy. The following chapters cover current aspects of healing from the lens of mental health and substance use, addiction, trauma, and recovery. As much of the world struggles with some aspect of brokenness and healing, stories of enduring well provide examples from all relations and walks of life about healing. Theories and research presented throughout the text support stories and concepts presented. Stories about families, coping, grief, loss, and boundaries give readers resources and exercises to help them become whole. Special consideration is given to healing practices and rituals from Native American communities and families. 

    This text is a must-have for mental health practitioners, faith-based organizations, communities, individuals and families, programs, and policymakers interested in healing.

    1. Broken Spirits and The Healing Path  2. Depression, Anxiety, Suicide Ideation, Substance Abuse...And Enduring Well  3. Trauma  4. Recovery  5. Healing  6. Hope for Families 7. Gratitude and Enduring Well


    Allyson Kelley, DrPH MPH CHES, is a researcher, professor, author, and individual in recovery. She is the principal of Allyson Kelley & Associates PLLC and teaches at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. 

    Dolores Subia BigFoot, PhD, is a child psychologist by training who holds the Presidential Professorship within the Center on Child Abuse and Neglect at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. 

    "Authors welcome the healer into a foundationally spiritual understanding of deep trauma and its treatment. Soon it becomes evident that underneath moral injury, trauma often causes a deeper spiritual injury. In this way, trauma becomes a gateway to galvanize a "hard-wired" road to spiritual awakening and growth. Here, growth is a state of peace and satisfaction. This is a growth that is fueled in tandem, concomitantly, with emotional pain. Psychotherapy for authors Bigfoot and Kelley no longer aim simply for recovery back to baseline or exclusively symptom relief, but rather a form of Post Traumatic Spiritual Growth (PTSG), a scientifically supported pathway to renewal. Clinical steps and methods can readily be used by an experienced clinician or an emerging therapist in training. This book, based upon decades of clinical experience, is a jewel to lay down treatments in support of PTSG and the "new normal" in trauma work."

    Lisa Miller, Ph.D., professor and founder, Spirituality Mind Body Institute, Columbia University, and author, New York Times Bestseller, The Spiritual Child and The Awakened Brain.