Spiritual Wisdom for Successful Retirement : Living Forward book cover
1st Edition

Spiritual Wisdom for Successful Retirement
Living Forward

ISBN 9781315880617
Published August 27, 2013 by Routledge
170 Pages

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Book Description

A discerning guide through the ups and downs of retirement

The number of people age 65 and older worldwide has more than tripled to nearly half a billion over the last 50 years. Spiritual Wisdom for Successful Retirement is an inspirational guide through the journey that begins in life’s “third stage,” when employment is left behind and uncertainty lies ahead. This encouraging and uplifting book travels beyond the financial and emotional considerations of retirement planning to address the real-life issues retirees face, including the loss of identity after leaving the workplace, managing the clock, calendar, and commitments, how to deal with the blues and the “blahs,” facing the reality of death, adn keeping life in balance.

Spiritual Wisdom for Successful Retirement anticipates the changing events and transitions of retirement, focusing on the need to adapt to this “work in progress.” Retirees struggle with real and symbolic losses as they redefine their identities, face uncertain financial futures, adapt to altered living arrangements, and become more aware of their physical limitations. The disappointments, adversity, and suffering retirees face can throw them into spiritual chaos. This powerful book presents real-life stories of people striving to remain engaged in life, open to possibilities, and experiencing intimations of eternity—here and now.

Spiritual Wisdom for Successful Retirement examines:

  • the need for a worldview that helps you take major life transitions in stride
  • specific steps into retirement
  • how to manage your time when “every day is Saturday”
  • how to identify indicators of depression
  • how caregivers can attend the needs of retirees
  • how to get help when life “caves in” on you
  • how to live with purpose and courage
  • the significance of family ties
  • the power of relationships, connections, and friendships
  • the dynamics of hope
  • and much more!
Spiritual Wisdom for Successful Retirement is essential for anyone living in, or facing, retirement, and for family members of retirees, members of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), and for lay and professional caregivers. It’s also a helpful resource for academics working in gerontology or theology.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
    (Provides a context for life as a journey from a biblical worldview.)
    (The term spiritual wisdom is clarified, and readers are reminded that retirees are not alone.)
  • Chapter 1. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Retirement
    (Stories - both serious and humorous - of persons who elected to remain engaged with social and institutional relationships.)
    (Illustrates retirement events and adaptation in particular circumstances.)
  • Chapter 2. The Road to Retirement
    (Confirms the need for a worldview that takes major life transitions in stride.)
    (Autobiographical anecdotes illustrate specific steps into retirement status.)
  • Chapter 3. Mapping the Retirement Landscape
    (Provides understanding of retirement and elderhood as foundational for wise pastoral care; focuses on strengths as well as challenges of retired persons.)
    (Suggests how caregivers may wisely attend needs of retired persons.)
  • Chapter 4. Challenges of Managing the Calendar, Clock, and Commitments
    (What shall I do when I don’t go to work every day? Good and bad habits.)
    (How to manage your time and your life when “every day is Saturday”.)
  • Chapter 5. How to Deal with the Blues and the Blahs
    (Bad things really do happen to good people. When you’re down, what then?)
    (How to identify indicators of depression and deal with the blues.)
  • Chapter 6. When the Unexpected Happens
    (Retirement changes over time because people and circumstances change.)
    (Where to go for help when chaos and calamity come and life caves in.)
  • Chapter 7. There Is Strength in Numbers
    (A second look at the significance of family ties (acceptance, respect, love).
    (The power of relationships, connections, friendships (and even abusers).
  • Chapter 8. Facing Death and the Life Beyond
    (A perspectival inquiry into aspects of death and the life beyond: philosophical, literary, biological, clinical, multicultural, personal, and biblical perspectives.)
    (The dynamics of hope in aiding retirees to tell/write future stories.)
  • Chapter 9. Finding Your Way Home
    (Home, as used here, refers to the eternity factor in everyday life.)
    (Shows retirees and caregivers guideposts to the Celestial City.)
  • Chapter 10. Keeping Life in Balance
    (Retirement brings many changes, calling for choices and decisions.)
    (Life balance is a many-splendored, often testy, thing.)
  • Appendix for Caregivers: The Art of Supportive Conversations
  • Notes
  • Resources
  • Index

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