42nd Edition

Spon's External Works and Landscape Price Book 2023

Edited By AECOM AECOM Copyright 2023

    Now in its 42nd edition, Spon's External Works and Landscape Price Book 2023 offers the only comprehensive source of information for detailed external works and landscape costs. It covers all the items to be found in hard and soft landscape contracts, and forms an indispensable reference book for quantity surveyors, landscape architects, contractors and local authority managers – essential for compiling estimates, specifications, bills of quantities and works schedules – no matter what the size of the project being undertaken.

    The 2023 edition includes:

    • updated key resources to obtain the latest market pricing and align with the latest supply material specifications and/or quantities
    • guidance on land remediation, tax relief, capital allowances and aggregates levies
    • revised rates in line with the latest market forecasts and indices, which include the impacts of Brexit, the pandemic, Ukraine supply chain disruption and the energy crisis

    All the standard features that you expect from SPON'S EXTERNAL WORKS AND LANDSCAPE PRICE BOOK remain:

    • material and measured work prices covering contract items from preliminaries and site clearance and encompassing the core external works activities with full breakdowns into labour, materials and other components

    • detailed guidance on wage rates, landscape consultants’ fee scales

    • an extensive Approximate Estimates section for rapid spot estimating

    • updates, free of charge, twice a year – see inside for registration details. Updates are available online at www.pricebooks.co.uk

    Use the access code inside the front cover of the book to get set up with an ebook of this 2023 edition on the VitalSource® Bookshelf platform, available for access and use until the end of December 2023.

    1. General 2. Rates of Wages – Building Industry 3. Approximate Estimating Rates 4. Prices for Measured Works 5. Tables and Memoranda


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