1st Edition

Sport, Animals, and Society

Edited By James Gillett, Michelle Gilbert Copyright 2014
    306 Pages
    by Routledge

    306 Pages 21 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book advances current literature on the role and place of animals in sport and society. It explores different forms of sporting spaces, examines how figures of animals have been used to racialize the human athlete, and encourages the reader to think critically about animal ethics, animals in space, time and place, and the human-animal relationship. The chapters highlight persistent dichotomies in the use of and collaboration with animals for sport, and present strategies for moving forward in the study of interspecies relations.

    Introduction  1. Sport, Animals and Society  Michelle Gilbert and James Gillett  Historical and Evolving Dichotomies  2. Taming the Wild: Rodeo as a Human-Animal Metaphor  Arnold Arluke and Robert Bogdan  3. Human Horse Partnerships: Beyond the Dressage  Stephen J. Smith  4. The Masters of Nature: Golf, Non-Humans, and Consumer Culture  Brad Millington and Brian Wilson  Human and Animal Relations  5. "The Horse Has Got to Want to Help": Human-Animal Habituses and Networks in Amateur Show Jumping  Kirrilly Thompson and Lynda Birke  6. From Sport to Therapy: The Social Stakes in the Rise of Equine-Assisted Activities  Jerome Michalon  7. Taking Teamwork Seriously: The Sport of Dog Agility as an Ethical Model of Cross-Species Companionship  Giuliana Lund  Ethics and Violence in Sport  8. The Ethics of Interspecies Sports  S.P. Morris  9. The Virtue of Compassion: Animals in Sport, Hunting as Sport, and Entertainment  Gabriela Tymowski  10. Necroposian Nights: Animal Sport, Civility and the Calgary Stampede  Kevin Young and Brittany Gerber  Sporting Identities of Human and Animal Athletes  11. A Star is Born to Buck: Animal Celebrity and the Marketing of Professional Rodeo  Susan Nance  12. (Dis)Abled Riders and Equestrian Sports  Marie Larneby and Susanna Hedenborg  13. Branding Boundaries: Colonial Sporting Identities and the Racialized Body  R. Scott Carey, Rob Millington and Carolyn Prouse  Future Directions  14. Young Equestrians: The Horse Stable as a Cultural Space  Michele Gilbert  15. Embodied Communication: The Poetics and Politics of Riding  Natalie Corinne Hansen  16. Communion Without Collision: Animals, Sport and Interspecies Co-Presence  Michael Atkinson and Kass Gibson


    James Gillett is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Health, Aging and Society at McMaster University and is jointly appointed to the Department of Sociology.

    Michelle Gilbert is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Sociology/ Sessional Faculty in the Social Sciences at McMaster University.