1st Edition

Sport Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Edited By Vanessa Ratten, João J. Ferreira Copyright 2017
    284 Pages 21 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    284 Pages 21 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book features international authors discussing the role of entrepreneurship and innovation in the sports context. It focuses on topics such as the role of entrepreneurial marketing in sport, how technological innovation has changed the way sport is played and viewed, the globalization of sport as a product and service, the new types of sports that have emerged, athlete entrepreneurs and their related business endeavors and how sport influences innovation in other industries.

    The main themes of the book include: 1) the development of sport entrepreneurship and innovation, 2) entrepreneurship and sport, 3) innovation in sport, 4) internationalization and entrepreneurial behavior in sport, 5) entrepreneurial sport marketing, 6) sport in entrepreneurial universities and 7) the future for sport entrepreneurship and innovation. This interdisciplinary book will appeal to entrepreneurship, innovation and sport management scholars, students and practitioners.

    Foreword (Matthew V. Winkler)

    Preface (Vanessa Ratten and João J. Ferreira)

    Acknowledgements (Vanessa Ratten and João J. Ferreira)

    1. Sport Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Concepts and Theory (Vanessa Ratten and João J. Ferreira)

    2. Innovation Capability of Non-profit Sport Organisations (Mathieu Winand and Larena Hoeber)

    3. Influence of Sports Events in Local Tourism (Héctor Valentín Jiménez Naranjo, Mari Cruz Sánchez Escobedo and José Luis Coca Pérez)

    4. Innovation for Social Inclusion in Sport (Anne Tjønndal)

    5. The Influence of Total Quality Management in the Innovative Capacity of Sport Municipal Firms (Gastão Sousa and Maria José Madeira)

    6. Sport Leadership, Psychology and Innovation (Vanessa Ratten)

    7. A Blue Ocean Strategy in a Sport Context: A Systematisation of Literature (Elsa Regina M. Vieira and João J. Ferreira)

    8. The Relevance of the Social Impact of Sports Events in the Context of Public Financing of Sport (David Parra Camacho, Ferran Calabuig Moreno, Juan Núñez Pomar, Josep Crespo Hervás)

    9. Sport Entrepreneurship and Community Development in Japan (Isao Okayasu and Duarte B. Morais)

    10. Coherence, the Beginning and End of Everything (Marco Arraya)

    11. Sport, Innovation and Public Policy (Vanessa Ratten)

    12. "Not Out"? A Sociomaterial Perspective on Decision Review Systems in Professional Cricket (Ian McLoughlin and Patrick Dawson)

    13. Consumer Behavior Analysis: An Innovation Approach in Non-profit Sports Organizations (Dina Miragaia and João J. Ferreira)

    14. Exploring Motivation of Marathon Runners (Konstantinos Koronios, Marina Psiloutsikou and Athanasios Kriemadis)

    15. Sport Entrepreneurship and the Emergence of Opportunities: Towards a Future Research Agenda (Vanessa Ratten and João J. Ferreira)


    Vanessa Ratten is Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Department of Management and Marketing, La Trobe Business School, Australia.

    João J. Ferreira is Associate Professor in Management at the University of Beira Interior and NECE Research Unit in Business Sciences, Portugal.

    "This book is a rich collection of highly interesting and diverse articles on the topics ‘sport entrepreneurship and innovation.’ Today, not much literature is available linking entrepreneurship and innovation literature to sport. Therefore this book is a welcome start to bring forward sport innovation in contemporary management research. I can only recommend this textbook to students and lecturers that want to get into this evolving and exciting field!"

    Anna Gerke, Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Audencia Business School, France

    "Sport management literature has only begun to develop a theoretical underpinning for innovation in sport. This book is a valuable contribution to that conversation, particularly in regard to the adoption of innovations. It moves the conversation beyond application of general management innovation literature and into a sport-specific space. The international focus of this book reflects the realities of innovation in our globalized sport marketplace."

    Natalie Smith, Assistant Professor of Sport Management, East Tennessee State University, USA

    "Innovation is a driving force behind the sport industry. The examination of theory and practice associated with sport entrepreneurship and innovation is paramount for scholars and educators. This work helps to provide a much needed resource in an area that is greatly deserving of academic attention. A deeper understanding of the tenets in the book will aid educators, researchers and practitioners to recognize, embrace and utilize prevailing trends and future opportunities impacting the world of sport."

    Jason W. Lee, Professor of Sport Management, University of North Florida, USA

    "Sport Entrepreneurship and Innovation provides unifying conceptual and theoretical frameworks for "sport innovation" that support researchers, practitioners and public policy planners. The book defines sport innovation, include athletes and spectators as innovators, and differentiates sport innovation from other forms of innovation. The authors conceptualize "explorative" and "exploitative" sport innovation and link these new concepts to management literature. In addition, innovation strategy, including organizational innovation, service innovation, and managerial implications are addressed. Sport Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a comprehensive and valuable addition to the sport management literature."

    James Santomier, Professor, Department of Marketing and Sport Management, Sacred Heart University

    'Until now, few books have been published that focus entirely on sport entrepreneurship and innovation. The present book with that exact title and its collection of chapters on various perspectives on entrepreneurship and innovation in a sporting context thus constitutes an important contribution to sport science in general, and the field of sport management in particular. [...] The fact that the book covers a lot of various themes and is written by many international authors from various perspectives makes it interesting and enjoyable to read. [...] The chapters really succeed in making the readers, at least me, thinking of new possible approaches to research into sport entrepreneurship and innovation. All in all, this book is interesting, easy to read and much needed in a field that, in my own opinion, is rather neglected.'Daniel Bjärsholm, Department of Sports Science, Malmö University for idrottsforum.org

    The full review can be found at http://idrottsforum.org/bjadan_ratten-ferreira170927/

    'The timing of this book is particularly opportune, in that sport has increasingly adopted the position of an industry that serves as a lever for innovation and growth in different economic blocks (meso level), countries (macro level), regions (regional level), cities (urban level) and companies (micro level). Sport is sufficiently multidimensional to require research efforts that involve rethinking and revealing new approaches to the study and exploration of sport, joining innovation theory and entrepreneurship theory. [...] The new collection of cases presented here is an outstanding work of revealing the different facets of innovation and entrepreneurship, crossing very well these two theoretical approaches with the social dimension of the phenomenon, which favours achievement of the former, with notable success in terms of education and social inclusion. This multidimensional matrix forms a valuable contribution for political decision-makers to be able to use sport as a policy vehicle for investment, entrepreneurship, innovation, education, culture and promotion of social and gender equality. [...] The book reviewed here is pioneering in presenting an eclectic vision of sport entrepreneurship, revealing the importance of the innovative nature of entrepreneurship in sport, setting solid bases for the need to explore this phenomenon in the context of entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystems, following a multidisciplinary and holistic perspective.'International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, Vol. 23, Issue: 6

    'For sports practitioners, this book provides potential insights about what new content to consider in their search for excellence. Respectively, students of sport management may find interesting topics to study further while writing their theses and developing their skills in sport management professions...this book manages to provide stimulating perspectives on the disciplines of entrepreneurship, organisation and management studies...In sum, I see this book as a refreshing piece of writing that provides thought-provoking insights, especially for sport management practitioners, students and all sport literature fans.'International Small Business Journal, Volume 36, Issue 2