1st Edition

Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Theories and Applications

Edited By Angus Mugford, J. Gualberto Cremades Copyright 2019
    434 Pages
    by Routledge

    434 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book brings together world-class professionals to share theoretical understanding applied to sport, exercise and performance domains. It highlights how to be more effective in developing psychological skills, context and understanding for educators, students and professionals.

    From both academic and practitioner perspectives, this book takes readers through contextual understanding of this field of study and into a wide variety of important areas. Specifically, the chapters focus on the mind-body relationship and performance challenges, and on core mental skills applied across different sport, exercise and performance examples (including professional athletes, normal exercise populations and military service members). The final section expands the context into the role of relationships and performance in group settings to cover a broad practice of modern day applied performance psychology.

    Part I: Contextual Understanding

    1. Introduction J. Gualberto Cremades and Angus Mugford

    2. Professional Philosophy Christian Swann, Richard Keegan, Brendan Cropley and Ian Mitchell

    3. Governance on the Move: Actively Applying Ethics in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Settings Gene M. Moyle

    4. Personality in Relation to Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology: Perspectives and Guidelines for Professional Practice Charles A. Maher

    5. Multicultural Diversity and Issues of Difference Emily A. Roper and Leslee A. Fisher

    6. Working with Organizations in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Greta Raaen and Angus Mugford

    Part II: Mind-Body Relationship and Performance Challenges

    7. Arousal, Stress, and Anxiety in Sport, Exercise, and Performance: Concepts and Management Strategies Jamie L. Shapiro and Michelle Bartlett

    8. Burnout J. D. DeFreese and Robert Eklund

    9. Sport Injury: Psychological Consequences and Management Strategies Leslie Podlog, John Heil, and Stefanie Podlog (née Schulte)

    10. Clinical Issues in Sport, Exercise and Performance: A Whole-Person Approach to Helping Athletes and Individuals Succeed in Sport and Life Andrea Wieland, Graig M. Chow, and Matthew Bird

    11. The Evolution of a Career: Navigating Through and Adapting to Transitions in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Lauren S. Tashman

    Part III: Core Mental Skills

    12. Theories and Applications of Motivation in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Charlotte K. Merrett and Alison L. Tinckell-Smith

    13. Goal Setting Paul McCarthy

    14. Attention and Concentration Aidan Moran, John Toner, and Mark Campbell

    15. The Psychophysiology of Self-Regulation Tim Herzog, Stephanie Zavilla, Margaret Dupee, and Mark Stephenson

    16. Imagery in Sport, Exercise, and Performance Krista Munroe-Chandler and Michelle Guerrero

    17. Confidence Robin S. Vealey, Melissa A. Chase, Carly Block, and Robin Cooley

    18. Routines, Preparation, and Performance Stewart T. Cotterill and Duncan Simpson

    Part IV: The Role of Relationships and Performance in Groups

    19. Group and Team Dynamics Ken Hodge, Mark Beauchamp, and David Fletcher

    20. Communication Vanessa R. Shannon, Melinda Houston, Ashwin J. Patel and Noah B. Gentner

    21. Leadership Jeffrey M. Coleman and Hector Morales


    J. Gualberto Cremades was a Professor in the Department of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Barry University in Miami, Florida.

    Angus Mugford  is a former President of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, and serves as Vice President for High Performance of the Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball franchise.