2nd Edition

Sport Industry Research and Analysis An Informed Approach to Decision Making

    282 Pages 138 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    282 Pages 138 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Sport Industry Research and Analysis offers a straightforward, no nonsense approach to research design and statistical analyses in sport organizations. This fully revised and updated new edition describes the research process, from identifying a research question to analyzing data, and uses real world scenarios to help students and industry professionals understand how to conduct research and apply the results in their wider work.

    The book includes clear, step-by-step instructions for the analysis and interpretation of data. It explains how to use Excel and SPSS for every key statistic and statistical technique, with screenshots illustrating every step and additional scenarios providing further context. "In Practice" contributions from sport industry professionals demonstrate how these practitioners use statistical analyses in their everyday tasks, and this new edition includes expanded sections on conducting a literature review and research ethics, as well as ancillary materials for instructors including slides, test questions, data files, answer sheets, and videos.

    This is the clearest and most easy-to-use guide to research and analysis techniques in sport, helping the reader to build essential skills and confidence in using statistics, vital to support decision-making in any sport enterprise. It is an essential text for any sport business research methods course, and an invaluable reference for all sport industry professionals.

    Part I: Approaches to Collecting Information and Data


    1.         Why We Need to Know About Research and Analysis … And What They Have to Do with a Career in Sport                      Management

    2.          Reading and Understanding Existing Research

    3.          Approaches to Information Gathering

    4.          Descriptive Research and Case Studies: Design and Methods

    5.          Experimental Research: Testing the Effects of a Variable

    6.          Additional Forms of Research: Qualitative/Naturalistic Inquiry, Historical/Philosophical Research, Delphi                         Studies

    7.          Feasibility and Profitability Studies, Grants and Contracts, and Notes on Measuring and Forecasting Demand

    8.          Ethics in Research and Notes on Protecting Participants and Data


    Part II: Approaches to Analyzing and Interpreting Data


    9.          Introduction to the Research Scenarios and the Data Analysis Software

    10.        Issues in Analyzing Data

    11.        Descriptive Statistics

    12.        Correlation and Reliability

    13.        Regression

    14.        t-Tests

    15.        Analysis of Variance

    16.        Chi-square Tests


    Appendix A     Survey Data: MiLB Scenario I

    Appendix B     Survey Data: Health Club Scenario II

    Appendix C     Performance Data: NFL Combine Scenario III


    David A. Tobar is Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of Sport Management at Bowling Green State University, USA, where he teaches Research Methods and Sport and Exercise Psychology. He is also the Field Experience Coordinator and supervises sport management internship students. His research interests focus on personality, well-being, and behavior in sport and exercise. 

    Jacquelyn Cuneen is Professor Emerita of Sport Management at Bowling Green State University, USA, where she taught sport and event promotion and supervised sport management field experience students. Her research foci are sport-related advertising and professional preparation of sport managers. She served in various elected and appointed offices for NASSM, the Sport Marketing Association, and the Ohio Association for HPERD.