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This Sport Management Series has been providing a range of texts for core subjects in undergraduate sport business and management courses around the world for more than 10 years. These textbooks are considered essential resources for academics, students and managers seeking an international perspective on the management of the complex world of sport.

Many millions of people around the globe are employed in sport organizations in areas as diverse as event management, broadcasting, venue management, marketing, professional sport, community and collegiate sport, and coaching as well as in allied industries such as sporting equipment manufacturing, sporting footwear and apparel, and retail.

At the elite level, sport has moved from being an amateur pastime to one of the world’s most significant industries. The growth and professionalization of sport has driven changes in the consumption and production of sport and in the management of sporting organizations at all levels of sport.

Managing sport organizations at the start of the 21st century involves the application of techniques and strategies evident in leading business, government and nonprofit organizations. This series explains these concepts and applies them to the diverse global sport industry.

To support their use by academics, each text is supported by current case studies, targeted study questions, further reading lists, links to relevant web-based resources, and supplementary online materials such as case study questions and classroom presentation aids.

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Sport Management Principles and Applications

Sport Management: Principles and Applications

6th Edition

By Russell Hoye, Katie Misener, Michael L. Naraine, Catherine Ordway
March 15, 2022

Now available in a fully revised and updated sixth edition, Sport Management: Principles and Applications tells you everything you need to know about the contemporary sport industry. Covering both the professional and nonprofit sectors, and with more international material than any other ...

Sport and Policy

Sport and Policy

1st Edition

By Barrie Houlihan, Matthew Nicholson, Russell Hoye
September 22, 2009

Sport and Policy is the first book of its kind to critically analyse the regulatory role of the state and its impact on sport and the intersections of sport with other areas of government policy. Offering a unique and comprehensive examination of how sport is affected by a range of government ...

Sports Economics

Sports Economics

1st Edition

By Paul Downward, Alistair Dawson, Trudo Dejonghe
May 07, 2009

Sports Economics is the ideal introduction for all sport management and sport policy students and those for whom economics is a relatively new area of study. The book will also provide an ideal introduction to sports economics for economics students new to the area. Specifically designed to make ...

Sport Governance

Sport Governance

1st Edition

By Russell Hoye, Graham Cuskelly
December 11, 2006

Sport Governance provides a comprehensive guide to the practical application of governance principles to amateur and professional sport organisations operating at the community, state/provincial, national, and international levels. It presents a balanced view between accepted practice and what ...

Sport and the Media Managing the Nexus

Sport and the Media: Managing the Nexus

2nd Edition

By Matthew Nicholson, Anthony Kerr, Merryn Sherwood
June 11, 2015

Successful media relations and a sound communication strategy are essential for all sport organizations. Any successful manager working in sport must have a clear understanding of how the media works, as well as the practical skills to manage the communication process. Now in a fully revised and ...

Managing People in Sport Organizations A Strategic Human Resource Management Perspective

Managing People in Sport Organizations: A Strategic Human Resource Management Perspective

2nd Edition

By Tracy Taylor, Alison Doherty, Peter McGraw
January 13, 2015

Managing People in Sport Organizations provides a comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of managing people within a strategic framework. This revised and updated second edition examines a range of strategic human resource management approaches that can be used by sport organizations to ...

Introduction to Sport Marketing Second edition

Introduction to Sport Marketing: Second edition

2nd Edition

By Aaron C.T. Smith, Bob Stewart
January 02, 2015

Introduction to Sport Marketing is an accessible and engaging introduction to key concepts and best practice in sport marketing. Aimed at students with little or no prior knowledge of marketing, the book outlines a step-by-step framework for effective sport marketing, from conducting market ...

Sport Funding and Finance Second edition

Sport Funding and Finance: Second edition

2nd Edition

By Bob Stewart
July 29, 2014

Sport Funding and Finance provides a complete introduction to the macro-level and micro-level aspects of sport finance. It describes the evolution of sport from a kitchen-table operation into the sophisticated, boardroom-driven global financial industry that it is today. It uses the professional ...

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