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Sport, Militarism and the Great War
Martial Manliness and Armageddon

ISBN 9781138118430
Published May 22, 2017 by Routledge
330 Pages

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Book Description

The Great War has been largely ignored by historians of sport. However sport was an integral part of cultural conditioning into both physiological and psychological military efficiency in the decades leading up to it. It is time to acknowledge that the Great War also had an influence on sport in post-war European culture. Both are neglected topics.

Sport, Militarism and the Great War deals with four significant aspects of the relationship between sport and war before, during and immediately after the 1914-1918 conflict. First, it explores the creation and consolidation of the cult of martial heroism and chivalric self-sacrifice in the pre-war era. Second, it examines the consequences of the mingling of soldiers from various nations on later sport. Third, it considers the role of the Great War in the transformation of the leisure of the masses. Finally, it examines the links between war, sport and male socialisation. The Great War contributed to a redefinition of European masculinity in the post-war period. The part sport played in this redefinition receives attention.

Sport, Militarism and the Great War is in two parts: the Continental (Part I) and the "Anglo-Saxon" (Part II). No study has adopted this bilateral approach to date. Thus, in conception and execution, it is original.

With its originality of content and the approaching centenary of the advent of the Great War in 2014, it is anticipated that the book will capture a wide audience.

This book was originally published as a special issue of The International Journal of the History of Sport.

Table of Contents

1. Prologue: Making Men, Destroying Bodies: Sport, Masculinity and the Great War
Experience, Thierry Terret.  Part One: Doing Sport, Preparing War and Vice-Versa: Continental Perspectives  2. Preface: Masters of the game, Jan Tolleneer.  3. Sport in the Trenches: The New Deal for Masculinity in France, Arnaud Waquet.  4. American Sammys and French Poilus in the Great War: Sport, Masculinities and
Vulnerability, Thierry Terret.  5. Wartime Rugby and Football: Sports Elites, French Military Teams and International Meets During the First World War, Arnaud Waquet and Joris Vincent.  6. Boccioni’s Coin, Sergio Giuntini and Angela Teja.  7. Modern Pentathlon and the First World War: When Athletes and Soldiers Met to Practise Martial Manliness, Sandra Heck.  Part Two: Victorian and Edwardian ‘Anglo-Saxon’ Attitudes to War  8. Preface: They Also Served – Re-evaluating and Reconsidering the Neglected, Robert Hands.  9. Tragic Symbiosis: Distinctive ‘Anglo-Saxon’ Visions and Voices, J.A. Mangan.  10. Happy Warriors in Waiting? Wykehamists and the Great War – Stereotypes, Complexities and Contradictions, J.A. Mangan.  11. In Memoriam: The Great War – John Bain, Elegist of Lost Boys and Lost Boyhoods, J.A. Mangan.  12. Rescued from Obscurity: Forgotten of the Great War – Elementary Schoolteacher
Sportsmen at the Front, J.A. Mangan and Colm Hickey.  13. Militarism, Drill and Elementary Education: Birmingham Nonconformist Responses to Conformist Responses to the Teutonic Threat Prior to the Great War, J.A. Mangan and Frank Galligan.  14. ‘The Greater and Grimmer Game’: Sport as an Arbiter of Military Fitness in the British Empire – The Case of ‘One-Eyed’ Frank Mcgee, Nic Clarke.  15. Epilogue: Armageddon 1914–1918: ‘Anglo-Saxon’ Voices Rediscovered and the Insignificant Reincarnated, J.A. Mangan.

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Thierry Terret is a professor of sports history and the director of the Centre of Research and Innovation in Sport (CRIS) at the University of Lyon, France. Among other duties he is the co-editor of the International Journal of the History of Sport and the co-editor of the Book series Sport in the Global Society (London, Routledge) and Espace et temps du sport (Paris, L’Harmattan). His researches mainly focus on the history of sport, gender, politics and cultural transfer.

J.A. Mangan is Emeritus Professor, Strathclyde University, FRHS, FRAI, D. Litt(Dunelm). He has founded IJHS and the series Sport in the Global Society, lectured world-wide and published many internationally acclaimed books such as Athleticism in the Victorian and Edwardian Public School and The Games Ethic and Imperialism. He has Fellowships (or equivalents) in USA, England, Africa and Australasia. His 'Manufactured' Masculinity (2011) attracted exceptional praise in America, Asia, Australasia and Europe.