1st Edition

Sport and the Pandemic Perspectives on Covid-19's Impact on the Sport Industry

Edited By Paul M. Pedersen, Brody J. Ruihley, Bo Li Copyright 2021
    300 Pages
    by Routledge

    300 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book takes a close look at how the sport industry has been impacted by the global Coronavirus pandemic, as entire seasons have been cut short, events have been cancelled, athletes have been infected, and sport studies programs have moved online. Crucially, the book also asks how the industry might move forward.


    With contributions from sport studies researchers across the world, the book offers commentaries, cases, and informed analysis across a wide range of topics and practical areas within sport business and management, from crisis communication and marketing to event management and finance. While Covid-19 will inevitably cast a long shadow over sport for years to come, and although the situation is fast-evolving and the future is uncertain, this book offers some important early perspectives and reflections that will inform debate and influence policy and practice.


    A timely addition to the body of knowledge regarding the pandemic, this is an important resource for researchers, students, practitioners, the media, policy-makers, and anybody who cares about the future of sport.

    1          Overview of Perspectives on a Global Pandemic’s Impact on the Sport Industry

                 Paul M. Pedersen, Brody J. Ruihley and Bo Li


    Part I: Managerial Reflections


    2          The Role of Advocacy, Coping, and Communication for Athletic Administrators in the Midst of the Covid-19 Crisis

                Tomika Ferguson, Maggie Brocklebank, Marra Hvozdovic and Vanessa Moore


    3          Athletic Recruiting During Covid-19: The Paradox of Recruiting While on Pause

                Karlee A. Posteher


    4          Environmental Change, the Sport Industry, and Covid-19

                Stavros Triantafyllidis


    5          The Impact of Covid-19 on Security at Sporting Events: Preventing the Biological Bomb

                Austin Duckworth, Jörg Krieger and Thomas M. Hunt


    6          Covid-19 and Korean Professional Sport: Understanding the Administrative Side of League Management During the Global Pandemic

                Juha Yoon


    7          New Zealand Tennis’s Match Point Moment: The Covid-19 Conundrum

                Trish Bradbury and Chris Galloway


    Part II: Marketing and Communication Perspectives


    8          Diminishing the Distance During Social Distancing: An Exploration of Australian sport Organisations’ Usage of Social Live Streaming Services Throughout Covid-19

                Sarah Wymer, Ashleigh-Jane Thompson and Andrew Martin


    9          The Impact of Covid-19 on Sport Sponsorship: The Views of Industry Professionals

                Norm O’Reilly and Gashaw Abeza


    10        The Impact of Covid-19 on Sport Consumers: A Shift in Consumption

                Jason M. Simmons, Mark A. Slavich and Peyton J. Stensland


    11        Covering a Sporting League Without Games: Media Framing Around Covid-19 and the Australian Football League

                Olan Kees Martin Scott, Adam T. Pappas, Alex J. Stoikos, Paul R. Morra and Patrick Reid


    12        British and American Media Framing of Online Sim Racing During Covid-19

                Timothy Robeers and Lindsay Caroline Sharp


    Part III: Governance During the Pandemic


    13        The Effect of Covid-19 on Hong Kong Sports

                Siu Yin Cheung and Jennifer Y. Mak


    14        Covid-19 and the Chinese Super League: Managing the World’s Most Popular Sport in a Time of Global Crisis

                Jingxian (Cecilia) Zhang, Bo Li and Brody J. Ruihley


    15        Team Peru Olympic Decision-Making During COVID-19

                Michael M. Goldman, Raul A. Rosales Zavaleta, Gustavo A. San Martin Castillo and Shaun Read


    16        Bailouts and Tax Breaks: Slovenian Olympic Committee’s Communication During Covid-19

                Simon Ličen


    17        Tennis Players’ Responses to Covid-19 and the Global Pandemic’s Impact on Professional Tennis Governance

                Kelsey Slater and Jim Watkins


    18        Critical Reflections on the Future of Global Sport Governance in a Post Covid-19 World: Levelling the Field

                John Sugden and Jack Sugden


    Part IV: Spectatorial and Participatory Aspects


    19        Scottish Golf and Covid-19

                Fiona Skillen


    20        Covid-19’s Impact on a Sports League: The XFL and the Progression of Sport Betting

                Rocco P. Porreca


    21        Pandemic Mitigation and Communication Strategies During Local Sports Tournaments in Japan

                Fred Ariel Hernandez


    22        The Mass Mobilization of Polish Football Fans in the Face of Covid-19: Duties of the Heart

                Michał Mazurkiewicz


    23        Covid-19 and the Mobilization of Ultras in Croatia: From Hooligans to Community Heroes and Back?

                Benjamin Perasović, Marko Mustapić, Dino Vukušić and Andrej Ivan Nuredinović


    24        Changing Landscape of Civic Engagement of Fans: Understanding the Ramifications of Covid-19 and the Absence of Face-to-Face Interaction in European Football

                Alex Gang


    Part V: Sociological and Psychological Reflections


    25        The Deprivation of Live Sports Broadcasts During Covid-19: Israeli Sports Fans During the Global Pandemic

                Ilan Tamir


    26        Covid-19 in Indigenous Communities: Five Protective Factors of "Exercising" Sovereignty

                Kelsey Leonard, Natalie Welch and Alisse Ali-Joseph


    27        The Influence of Sport on the Public’s Recognition of a Global Pandemic: Time to Get Real

                Zack P. Pedersen and Antonio S. Williams


    28        Potential Benefits of Covid-19 Transition for Athletes: Unintended Consequences

                Theoklitos Karipidis and Jesse A. Steinfeldt


    29        Patient Zero: Covid-19 and Rudy Gobert’s Reputational Crisis

                Braden Hale Bagley


    30        From Positive Momentum to Economic Turmoil: The Influence of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Women’s Professional Football/Soccer in Denmark

                Kenneth Cortsen


    Paul M. Pedersen is Professor of Sport Management at Indiana University, USA, and founding editor of the International Journal of Sport Communication (IJSC).

    Brody J. Ruihley is Associate Professor in the Department of Sport Leadership and Management at Miami University, USA.

    Bo Li is Assistant Professor in the Department of Sport Leadership and Management at Miami University, USA.