1st Edition

Sports Engineering and Computer Science Proceedings of the International Conference on Sport Science and Computer Science (SSCS 2014), Singapore, 16-17 September 2014

Edited By Qi Luo Copyright 2015

    Sports Engineering and Computer Science contains papers presented at the 2014 International Conference on Sport Science and Computer Science (SSCS 2014), held September 16-17, 2014 in Singapore and at the 2014 International Conference on Biomechanics and Sports Engineering (BSE 2014), held October 24-25, 2014, in Riga, Latvia. The contributions have been grouped under the following five headings:

    Section 1: Education, physical education and training; Section 2: Social sports and sports economy; Section 3: Computer science and applications in sport; Section 4: Materials science; and Section 5: Biomedical.

    The contents of this volume will prove useful for researchers and practitioners in developing and applying new theories and technologies in Sports Engineering, Sports Science and Computer Science.

    Section 1: Education, physical education and training
    Improving college students’ ability of appreciating sports artistic through movies and teleplays
    X. Gong, Y.Q. Guan, X.Y. Zhuang & H.Y. Xu
    Research on current situation and countermeasures of physical training for elite male athletes of dragon boat racing
    B. Li
    Study on English teaching strategies for majors of physical education
    H.Y. Zhao
    Study on the correlation between personality traits and physical health of college students
    J.S. Ren
    On the relationship between lifelong physical education and school physical education
    H.S. Zhao & H. Zhang
    Research on the evaluation index system of university students’ physical education self-regulated learning
    L. Zhang
    On the theoretical basis of visual symbols used in physical education and training
    H.G. Qu
    Research on physical fitness training methods of football athletes
    B. Xu
    Comparative study of Beijing elite female softball players batting training
    H.Z. Zhang
    Technical analysis of Beijing’s elite first baseman
    H.Z. Zhang
    Research on the problems in college aerobics teaching
    W.J. Zhu
    Research on the innovative strategies in college aerobics teaching
    W.J. Zhu
    Training and innovation research of Chinese youth football talents
    B. Cao
    Research on strength training of the elderly under the vision of “Nerve Accommodation”
    H.C. Pu
    Study on the reform of teaching modes of physical education curriculum in colleges and universities
    F. Wang
    Research on the construction evaluation index system of China university extracurricular sports activities—Beijing ordinary university as an example
    W.Z. Li, Y.H. Cao & H.Z. Zhang
    Theoretical study on core strength training and traditional training
    X.D. Yang
    Study on the construction of China’s College cheerleading development situation and training content system
    L.L. Zhang
    The special characteristics and the prospect forecast of the cheerleading
    L.L. Zhang
    The influence of physical exercise on the 3–4 grade students’ self-control ability
    Y. Rao
    Analysis of the feasibility of physical education intervention in the youth network addiction
    L. Wang & B. Li
    Research on the value of human movement science in sports practice in University
    L. Wang & B. Li
    Study of social sports specialty entrepreneurial talents cultivation
    J. Liu & L.J. Xu
    The training of the university students’ lifelong sports consciousness & hobbies and abilities
    J. Liu & L.J. Xu
    Social sports specialty talents training SKI instruction of school enterprise cooperation
    J. Liu & L.J. Xu
    Empirical analysis of quality management assessment system of physical education in college and university
    B. Ren
    Study on the pressure and influence factors of P.E. teachers in Jiangxi Province under the background of curriculum reform
    W.T. Zhang & X. Lu
    Study on Chinese health preservation and university students’ self-management of health—from the global perspective of health
    Y. Zhang & Z.H. Lin
    Things in sports training
    B.R. Chang & X.M. Han
    Constructivism study of sports teaching from the perspective of ecological system theory
    C.B. Yan
    The positive influence of online education technology on the college PE Teaching
    H.S. Zhao & H. Zhang
    The role of internet for the lifelong physical education system
    Q. Peng
    Continuing education curriculum construction for primary and secondary school teachers based on education informatization
    C. Yang & L. Yi
    The relation between anxieties and reading comprehension for students majoring in biological engineering and the enlightenment to teaching
    Y.S. Zhu
    To practice and explore the reformation of ethnic preparatory Chinese course in applied undergraduate college—taking baise university as an example
    X.Z. Lu
    The consideration of environmental factors—an empirical study of students’ oral english output from school of life science and technology
    D. Zhou

    Section 2: Social sports and sports economy
    The compared research of adapted physical education between China and USA
    L.J. Wei & Z. Li
    Social status research on Anhui Province disabled competitive sports
    D.W. Cao & C. Liu
    Study on the investment situation in leisure sports of electric power enterprise staff in Hebei Province
    S.P. Xu & C.B. Ji
    The research about dilemma and operation law of the local government’s supply of sports public goods in W.Y.K. Township in China
    L.J. Zhu
    A strategy study on Synergetic development between College and mass sport resources in Shandong Province
    J. Zhou
    On functions of sports in building a well-off society in an all-round way in China
    C. Zhou
    The nature and characteristics of rhythmic gymnastics
    L.L. Zhu
    China—ASEAN community sports construction of cooperation
    Z.L. Zhang, M.Y. Zhang & N.Q. Li
    Music in sports activities—take the world cup theme song for example
    T.T. Zhou
    Investigation of the incorporation of sports and arts
    X. Gong, Y.Q. Guan, H.Y. Xu & X.Y. Zhuang
    From the perspective of occupation of the contradiction between supply and demand at the present stage of our social sports instructor
    H.G. Qu
    Risk management of major sports events
    J.B. Ye
    A study of analysis and countermeasures on constructing a good physical environment in school
    B. Xu
    Influence of life style on college students’ physique health
    L. Li
    Main problems in the development of leisure sports in China under the public service supply
    J.P. Shu, B. Yang & X.Y. Wen
    Research on the developmental pattern of integration of badminton industry in Shandong Peninsula urban agglomeration
    L. Guo
    “Satisfaction” research on stable development of high-end fitness club in China
    Y.C. Tang
    Discussion on insurances selection of professional sports clubs
    H.S. Li
    On the capital operation of sports events
    X.D. Qiu
    The Universality and individuality between sports professional club insurance and sports disability insurance
    W. Mu
    Strategic researches of complementary development in resources of mass and competitive sports in Shandong Province
    J.Y. Xia
    Theoretical construction of synergetic development between competitive and mass sports
    J.Y. Xia
    Strategies for the development of China’s sports culture during the process of building a sports power
    H.C. Pu
    Functions of sports culture soft power in the transformation from a sports power in size to a sports power in strength H.C. Pu
    Research on the relationship between sports culture and the “new farmer” happiness in Southern Jiangsu
    B.S. Wen
    Hung holdings analysis and study on the marketing strategy of limited competition
    L. Wang & B. Li
    The development status and countermeasures of the ice snow tourism resources in Jilin Province
    L. Wang & B. Li
    Volvo Chinese open (Tianjin) analysis of event marketing strategy
    L. Wang & B. Li
    Volvo Chinese open (Tianjin) internal and external research
    L. Wang & B. Li
    Social sports instructors should have the qualities of beauty
    J. Liu & L.J. Xu
    Explanation and demonstration of the football course
    J. Liu & L.J. Xu
    Feasibility analysis of deepening the development of winter tourism in Jilin Province
    J. Liu & L.J. Xu
    On the development of ethnic traditional sports from a sociological perspective
    N. Cheng
    Regional sports resources integration research on influence factors and mechanism
    B. Duan
    Discussion on public healthcare under the perspective of lifelong sports
    F. Xu
    A study on festive sports tourism development in lijiang city of Yunnan Province
    Z.L. Zhang & M.Y. Zhang
    The research on interactive development of the horse-racing festival exploitation and tourism in Shangri-la
    Z.L. Zhang & M.Y. Zhang
    Cases and reflection on the cost-sharing arrangement of intangible assets-from cases of VERITAS in US
    Z.X. Wu, X.L. Chen & M.J. Liu

    Section 3: Computer science and applications in sport
    Applied research of 3D technology in the women shape-building dance
    Y. Zhang
    An exploration of the ways to computer aided college english teaching and learning
    H.Y. Zhao
    Design of student employment information management system based on ASP
    Y.Y. Ge
    The study of DNS server configuration in heterogeneous environments
    X.G. You & B.W. You
    The design of Beijing geographic information system on android
    W.T. Guan & J. Yu
    Simulation design based on target detection and tracking control
    H.C. Zhou & Z.P. Jiang
    Speed control law design of moving target detection
    H.C. Zhou & C.B. Chen
    The design and implementation of electricity charging system based on B/S
    Z. Zhao
    The design of high-power microwave power
    G. Zheng, J.H. Wang & D.D. Qin
    A highly efficient LLR-based algorithm for general spatially modulated multi-antenna wireless communication systems G. Li
    Physically disabled visual position tracking using skew lines model with head motion compensation
    Z.Y. Guo & W.Q. Hu
    Identification of comparative sentences in TCSL
    L.N. Bai
    Construction and application of enterprise private cloud
    X. Yang & K. Wang
    The analysis to guide and encourage college graduates to the grass roots-oriented employment
    M.Y. Li
    The analysis of real estate industry credit system and evaluation system
    M.Y. Li
    A brief analysis of the problem of undergraduate entrepreneurship education and its countermeasures
    M.Y. Li
    Running test system based on STM32
    R.C. Zou, L. Zhou, X.J. Liu & S.D. Sun
    Students involved in E-sports discussion on factors affecting bodily functions
    X.M. Han & M. Qian
    Based on the measurement of sports building stadiums and drawing course website construction
    L.J. Ma
    The research and application of computer adaptive testing based on logistic model
    Q.C. Jiang & B. Zhao
    University education management system safe system research based on B/S-C/S model
    Y. Sun
    E-learning design and steering of real didactic stands
    D. Kowalik, M. Siczek & J. Wojutyński

    Section 4: Materials science
    Study on properties and composition of garment material on pressure generated by sportswears
    H.X. Chen, H.W. Yang & X.H. Li
    Tool wear of aluminum/chromium/tungsten-based-coated cemented carbide in cutting hardened steel
    T. Wada & H. Hanyu
    Differences of bacterial contamination of the materials of hospital medical care
    Y.F. Su & L.C. Lu
    A major perspective of the characterization and quantification of soft magnetic nanocrystalline ribbons
    V. Tsepelev, V. Konashkov, O. Zivotsky, A. Hendrych & Yu. Starodubtsev

    Section 5: Biomedical
    Experimental study of effects of different combinations of acupuncture points to the index of Myocardium in exercise-induced fatigue rats
    C.M. Zhu
    An experimental study of Planta Pedis’ pressure distribution caused by different gaits of coednas
    J. Du, B.Y. Yu & S.Q. Yin
    Instrumented evaluation of upper extremity motor function for stroke rehabilitation applications
    K. Daunoravičienė, J. Žižienė, J. Griškevičius, A. Linkel, A. Juocevičius & I. Raudonytė
    Biomechanical markers for Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor discrimination
    J. Griškevičius, J. Žižienė, K. Daunoravičienė, D. Lukšys, V. Budrys, R. Kaladytė-Lokominienė, D. Jatužis & P.M. Aubin
    Potassium metabolism of steel workers exposed to high-temperatures
    Z.Z. Tian, Y.M. Tang & Y.X. Li


    Qi Luo