446 Pages 140 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    446 Pages 140 Color Illustrations
    by Routledge

    446 Pages 140 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Highly practical and engaging, Sports Marketing equips students with the skills, techniques, and tools they need to be successful marketers in any sporting environment.

    The book combines scholarly theory with the perspectives of those who have been actively involved in the sports business. A worldwide range of examples from all levels of sports, as well as insider expertise, strongly ties classroom learning to real-world practice, and assures students that the theory is relevant. New material includes:

    • Expanded coverage of marketing analytics and the use of market-driven tactics showing students how to strengthen customer relationships and maximize profits

    • Greater attention to the impact of new technologies on customer relationships, such as social media, content marketing, ticketing strategies, and eSports, ensuring students are exposed to the latest advancements in marketing for sports

    • A stronger global focus throughout the book, including several new cases from outside the U.S., as well as coverage of international sporting organizations, such as FIFA and the ever popular English Premier League

    • Six new "You Make the Call" short cases to offer opportunities for analysis and decision making in sectors of sports marketing including sports media, experiential events, and eSports

    These popular "You Make the Call" cases and review questions stimulate lively classroom discussion, while chapter summaries and a glossary further support learning. Sports Marketing will give students of sports marketing and management a firm grasp of the ins and outs of working in sports.

    1. Sports Meets Marketing 

    2. Sports Entertainment Consumption

    3. The Marketing Environment

    4. Segmenting Audiences for Sports 

    5. Building a Relevant Brand

    6. Product Strategy

    7. Experiential Marketing

    8. Brand Communications Strategy

    9. Brand Communications Campaigns

    10. Communications Channels

    11. Sponsorship-Linked Marketing 

    12. Measuring Sports Brand Performance

    13. Delivery of Sports Experiences

    14. Preparing Future Sports Marketers


    Michael J. Fetchko is President and Managing Director of ISM USA, a full-service marketing agency, as well as Co-director of the Pittsburgh Center for Sports Media and Marketing at Point Park University, USA.

    Donald P. Roy is Professor of Marketing at Middle Tennessee State University, USA.

    Kenneth E. Clow is a Professor of Marketing and holder of the Biedenharn Endowed Chair of Business in the College of Business Administration at University of Louisiana—Monroe, USA.

    "Sports Marketing has been the ideal textbook for me in marketing and sponsorship classes that I teach. I highly recommend its use by other faculty and practitioners as it is one of the more practical and effective teaching tools out there. The prose is interesting, easy to follow and each chapter has effective practical exercises buttressed by my favorite part of the book—Insider Insights. These up-to-date insights provide interesting and rich real-world detail on sports marketing and management issues as experienced by some of the more notable leaders in our field." —David Ridpath, Ohio University, USA

    "This book is written in an accessible style and is particularly useful for readers who already have a general understanding of marketing and seek to gain specialized knowledge of sport marketing." —Sebastian Uhrich, German Sport University Cologne, Germany

    "Written by three sports marketing experts, this book is highly practical, regularly drawing insights from several prominent practitioners. Completing each chapter, the ‘You Make the Call’ sections, and discussion and critical thinking exercises, will invite considerable engagement from students in the classroom." —Timothy Dewhirst, University of Guelph, Canada