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    Discover the healing and restorative powers of nutrition and exercise
    Essential nutrients do more than sustain life; they support the body's ability to withstand deteriorating illness, ailments, and accidents. Medical and athletic professionals understand the relationship between nutrition, exercise, and physical well-being. Now, Judy A. Driskell, Ph.D., R.D., one of the pioneers in the rapidly growing field of sports nutrition, examines and assesses the chemistry, biology and physics of good health.
    Sports Nutrition is a vital reference for medical professionals, and a unique and valuable resource for coaches, teachers, trainers and athletes.

    The Nutrients
    Digestion and Absorption of Nutrients
    The Most Important Nutrient: Water
    Macronutrients: The Energy Nutrients
    Carbohydrate Metabolism and Exercise
    Lipid Metabolism and Exercise
    Protein Metabolism and Exercise
    Micronutrients: The Catalysts
    Vitamin Metabolism and Exercise
    Mineral Metabolism and Exercise
    Ergogenic Aids and Exercise
    Energy Requirements
    Assessment of Energy Intake
    Assessment of Energy Expenditure
    Weight Control
    Body Composition
    Assessment of Body Composition
    Overweight and Obesity
    Underweight and Eating Disorders
    Nutritional Status of Athletes
    Dietary and Exercise Recommendations for the Healthy Athlete
    Nutrition and Exercise Guidelines
    Recommendations for Individuals in the Various Stages of Their Lifespans
    Exercise as Therapy for Degenerative Diseases
    Summary: Interrelationships between Nutrition and Exercise


    Judy A. Driskell

    "…provides an excellent overview…information presented is complete and contains current research…for health professionals…may be useful as a review or a quick reference when dealing with exercise and nutrient needs."
    - Rachael Cunnick, MS.RD, nutrition consultant for Student Health Services and doctoral candidate in nutrition/exercise sciences at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado

    "Health professionals and students may find this text a useful reference for basic nutrition information and dietary guidelines. Chapters are short, well organized, and easy to read."
    - Kathe A. Gabel, Ph.D, R.D., L.D., Journal of Nutrition Education, Vol. 32, No. 4

    "The book fills a definite need."
    - Robert W. Teel, PhD, Loma Linda University

    "Weighted Numerical Score: 88- ***"
    - Robert W. Teel, PhD, Loma Linda University