1st Edition

Sports and the Law Major Legal Cases

Edited By Charles E. Quirk Copyright 1996
    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    Focus on Current Legal Concerns
    The unprecedented demise of the 1994 baseball season and the long hockey negotiations have focused more attention than ever before on legal issues in sports, ranging from the constitutional rights of college athletes to the liability of football-helmet makers. Through 50 original essays this first-of-its-kind handbook examines liability issues peculiar to sports, discusses disputes involving some of the most famous people and events in sports history, explores the ramifications of antitrust laws as they apply to athletics, and probes the increasingly sensitive and litigious area of sex and race discrimination.

    Essays discuss influential issues
    Many of the essays discuss subjects that recently have gained increasing prominence, such as suits alleging misrepresentation and unfair treatment of athletes by coaches. Other essays deal with the action of sports commissioners, or the policies of governing bodies, especially the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

    Useful for lawyers and fans alike
    Lawyers unfamiliar with sports law will appreciate the book as a reliable introduction to this rapidly expanding field. For scholars in other fields it serves as a legal primer and a quick survey of cases and issues. The book is especially useful in college libraries as a source of answers to sports questions and a reliable resource for writing term papers. Finally, sports fans familiar with the athletic achievements of Oscar Robertson, John Mackey, Curt Flood, and others, will discover here the details of their participation in the legal arena.

    Part One Sports Law: Liability and Legislation; Chapter 1 Tortious Impact, Steven D. Reschly; Chapter 2 In Jeopardy, William L. Siler; Chapter 3 Negligence and Liability, W.H. Lee-Sammons; Chapter 4 The Coach’s Legal Duty to Properly Instruct and to Warn Athletes of the Inherent Dangers in Sport, Sharon Huddleston; Chapter 5 Injustice Uncovered? Worker’s Compensation and the Professional Athlete, Frederic Pepe, Thomas P. Frerichs; Chapter 6 Fans Strike Out with Foul Ball Litigation, Robert Neymeyer; Chapter 7 The Application of the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine to Sport, Sharon Huddleston; Chapter 8 Not the Same Game, Thomas P. Frerichs; Chapter 9 Sports versus the Sabbath, Robert F. Martin; Chapter 10 Amateurs, Professionals, and Eligibility for Americans in the Olympics, Sara L. Cohen; Chapter 11 Fading in the Stretch, Stephen J. Rapp; Part Two Sports Law: The Regulation of Organized Sports; Chapter 12 The NCAA and the Courts, Eric A. Seiken; Chapter 13 Books and Bulldogs, Donald M. McKale; Chapter 14 Switzer, a Sooner Scofflaw?, James W. Hewitt; Chapter 15 The Win at Any Price Syndrome, Heather M. Feuerhelm; Chapter 16 To Play or Not to Play, David Sitz; Chapter 17 Two All-Pros Collide with the Football Commissioner, Terry Radtke; Chapter 18 Commissioner Kuhn Victorious over Owner Finley, M. Philip Lucas; Chapter 19 George Steinbrenner’s Bronx Zoo, David F. Dolan; Chapter 20 In the Groove?, John W. Johnson; Chapter 21 Baseball’s Big Inning, Wayne S. Quirk; Chapter 22 Beating the Spread, TedScott HovetJr., McEthron; Chapter 23 Jack Molinas, Charles E. Quirk; Chapter 24 Fast Balls and Fast Bucks Don’t Mix, Jack Kolbe; Chapter 25 A Gridiron Hero Self-Destructs, Jack Kolbe; Chapter 26 Charlie the Hustler and the Hall of Saints, David Rodgers; Chapter 27 Fantasy Sports and the Law, William L. Wegman; Part Three Sports Law: The Rights of Players and Owners; Chapter 28 When a Professional Sport Is Not a Business, John W. Johnson; Chapter 29 Let the Bidding Begin, Scott Katz; Chapter 30 Baseball Owners Called “Out” for Collusion, Jan Stiglitz; Chapter 31 Joe Kapp’s Fight for Free Agency, Michael W. Flamm; Chapter 32 Tight End Mackey Blocks Commissioner Rozelle, Richard M. Terry; Chapter 33 “These People Just Plain Don’t Like Each Other”, David M. Allyn; Chapter 34 Oscar Robertson, Daniel J. Murphy; Chapter 35 The Letter of Intent and Collegiate Athletes, Joseph J. Craciun; Chapter 36 Agents, Athletes, and Academics, Chris Kanzius, Charles E. Quirk; Chapter 37 Minnesota Gopher Basketball, John W. Johnson; Chapter 38 Sports Broadcasting, Michele Murphy; Chapter 39 The Land of the Free Disputes Homes for the Braves, Patrick Allitt; Chapter 40 Fear, Attack, and Pressure, Wayne S. Quirk; Chapter 41 Colts Gallop to Indianapolis, Lester S. Brooks; Chapter 42 The NFL-AFL Merger, H. DanielHolmJr.; Part Four Sports Law: Racial and Gender Discrimination; Chapter 43 Wyoming’s “Black Fourteen”, Steven Schulte; Chapter 44 White Ball/Black Ball, L. John Gable, John W. Johnson; Chapter 45 The Stone Left Unturned, David Rodgers; Chapter 46 The Quest for Gender Equality, Brenda Holliday; Chapter 47 Let’s Play, Too, Timothy J. Wiles; Chapter 48 Little League Baseball, Jennifer Turner; Chapter 49 Barely There, Susan F. Pingel; Chapter 50 Major League Baseball Called for Balk!, Marchell M. Austin;


    John W. Johnson

    "Useful for debaters, research, and fans and athletes interested in understanding legal issues involving sports." -- School Library Journal