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St Andrews Studies in Reformation History

About the Series

With the publication of its 100th book in 2012, the St Andrews Studies in Reformation Studies series celebrated an impressive publishing achievement. Since its establishment in 1995 the series has consistently offered high-quality, innovative and thought-provoking research in the field of early modern religious history. By encouraging authors to adopt a broad and inclusive interpretation of ’Reformation’, the resultant publications have done much to help shape current interdisciplinary interpretations of early-modern religion, expanding attention far beyond narrow theological concerns. Each title within the series has added to a body of international research showing how the ripples of the Reformation spread to virtually every corner of European society, both Protestant and Catholic, and often beyond. From family life, education, literature, music, art and philosophy, to political theory, international relations, economics, colonial ventures, science and military matters, there were few aspects of life that remained untouched in some way by the spirit of religious reform. As well as widening conceptions of the Reformation, the series has for the last fifteen years provided a publishing outlet for work, much of it by new and up-and-coming scholars who might otherwise have struggled to find an international platform for their work. Alongside these monographs, a complementary selection of edited volumes, critical editions of important primary sources, bibliographical studies and new translations of influential Reformation works previously unavailable to English speaking scholars, adds further depth to the topic. By offering this rich mix of approaches and topics, the St Andrews series continues to offer scholars an unparalleled platform for the publication of international scholarship in a dynamic and often controversial area of historical study.

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Living with Religious Diversity in Early-Modern Europe

Living with Religious Diversity in Early-Modern Europe

1st Edition

By Dagmar Freist, C. Scott Dixon
February 16, 2016

Current scholarship continues to emphasise both the importance and the sheer diversity of religious beliefs within early modern societies. Furthermore, it continues to show that, despite the wishes of secular and religious leaders, confessional uniformity was in many cases impossible to enforce. As...

Magistrates, Madonnas and Miracles The Counter Reformation in the Upper Palatinate

Magistrates, Madonnas and Miracles: The Counter Reformation in the Upper Palatinate

1st Edition

By Trevor Johnson
November 28, 2009

In 1621, in one of the earliest campaigns of the Thirty Years' War, the South German principality of the Upper Palatinate was invaded and annexed by Maximilian of Bavaria, director of the Catholic League. In the subsequent years the eyes of Europe looked to the fate of this erstwhile hub of the '...

Patents, Pictures and Patronage John Day and the Tudor Book Trade

Patents, Pictures and Patronage: John Day and the Tudor Book Trade

1st Edition

By Elizabeth Evenden
July 28, 2008

John Day (1522-1584) is generally acknowledged to be the foremost English printer of the later sixteenth century. As well as printing some of the most important books of his day, most notably John Foxe's Acts and Monuments, he also pioneered enormous advances in English typography and book ...

Piety and the People Religious Printing in French, 1511–1551

Piety and the People: Religious Printing in French, 1511–1551

1st Edition

By Francis M. Higman
October 17, 1996

Did the 16th-century Reformation influence French language and culture? This book, the fullest available bibliography of religious printing in French during the early Reformation, provides the materials to answer this question. It assembles information on all known printed editions in French on ...

Reformations Old and New The Socio-Economic Impact of Religious Change, c.1470–1630

Reformations Old and New: The Socio-Economic Impact of Religious Change, c.1470–1630

1st Edition

By Beat Kümin
December 12, 1996

This collection of essays examines the practical impact of religious change in Central and North Western Europe from the 15th to the 17th century. It focuses on the effects of reform on clergy, church resources, ecclesiastical patronage, education and poor relief. The title reflects the elementary ...

Reforming the Art of Dying The ars moriendi in the German Reformation (1519–1528)

Reforming the Art of Dying: The ars moriendi in the German Reformation (1519–1528)

1st Edition

By Austra Reinis
February 22, 2007

The Reformation led those who embraced Martin Luther's teachings to revise virtually every aspect of their faith and to reorder their daily lives in view of their new beliefs. Nowhere was this more true than with death. By the beginning of the sixteenth century the Medieval Church had established...

The Jacobean Kirk, 1567–1625 Sovereignty, Polity and Liturgy

The Jacobean Kirk, 1567–1625: Sovereignty, Polity and Liturgy

1st Edition

By Alan R. MacDonald
November 23, 1998

This book is the first detailed discussion of the political history of the Scottish Church in the reign of James VI (1567-1625). It offers a refreshing new perspective on the Reformed Kirk during the crucial period in its development. It is an examination of relations between Kirk and State based ...

The Reformation and the Book

The Reformation and the Book

1st Edition

By Jean-François Gilmont, translated by Karin Maag
November 14, 2016

Although the connection between the invention of printing and the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century has long been a scholarly commonplace, there is still a great deal of evidence about the relationship to be presented and analysed. This collection of authoritative reviews by ...

The Reformation in Eastern and Central Europe

The Reformation in Eastern and Central Europe

1st Edition

By Karin Maag
May 29, 1997

This work provides a comprehensive and multi-facetted account of the Reformation in eastern and central Europe, drawing on extensive archival research carried out by Continental and British scholars. Across a broad thematic, temporal and geographical range, the contributors examine the cultural ...

The Reformation in Rhyme Sternhold, Hopkins and the English Metrical Psalter, 1547–1603

The Reformation in Rhyme: Sternhold, Hopkins and the English Metrical Psalter, 1547–1603

1st Edition

By Beth Quitslund
October 28, 2008

The Whole Booke of Psalmes was one of the most published and widely read books of early modern England, running to over 1000 editions between the 1570s and the early eighteenth century. It offered all of the Psalms paraphrased in verse with appropriate tunes, together with an assortment of other ...

The Shaping of a Community The Rise and Reformation of the English Parish c.1400–1560

The Shaping of a Community: The Rise and Reformation of the English Parish c.1400–1560

1st Edition

By Beat A. Kümin
January 04, 1996

This book offers a new perspective to the current debate about popular religious attitudes in Tudor England, laying particular emphasis on the social and secular dimensions of parish life. The argument focuses on the role of the laity and especially on the office of churchwarden. It assesses the ...

Tudor Histories of the English Reformations, 1530–83

Tudor Histories of the English Reformations, 1530–83

1st Edition

By Thomas Betteridge
July 28, 1999

This book examines the Tudor histories of the English Reformation written in the period 1530-83. All the reforming mid-Tudor regimes used historical discourses to support the religious changes they introduced. Indeed the English Reformation as a historical event was written, and rewritten, by ...

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