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Stability and Control: Theory, Methods and Applications

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Dynamics and Control

Dynamics and Control

1st Edition

Edited By George Leitmann, Firdaus E. Udwadia, A V Kryazhimskii
August 19, 1999

This multi-authored volume presents selected papers from the Eighth Workshop on Dynamics and Control. Many of the papers represent significant advances in this area of research, and cover the development of control methods, including the control of dynamical systems subject to mixed constraints on ...

Optimization of Linear Control Systems Analytical Methods and Computational Algorithms

Optimization of Linear Control Systems: Analytical Methods and Computational Algorithms

1st Edition

Edited By F A Aliev, V B Larin
November 19, 1998

The authors present analytical methods for synthesis of linear stationary and periodical optimal controlled systems, and create effective computational algorithms for synthesis of optimal regulators and filters. The procedures of Youla-Jabr-Bongiorno (1976) and Desoer-Lin-Murray-Saeks (1980) are ...

Dynamics of Machines with Variable Mass

Dynamics of Machines with Variable Mass

1st Edition

By L Cveticanin
October 21, 1998

Designed to be a complete and integrated text on the dynamic properties of machines, mechanisms, and rotors with variable mass, this book presents new results from investigations based on the general dynamics of systems with variable parameters. The book considers both weak and strong nonlinear ...

Advances in Nonlinear Dynamics

Advances in Nonlinear Dynamics

1st Edition

By S. Sivasundaram, A.A. Martynyuk
July 16, 1997

Dedicated to Professor S. Leela in recognition of her significant contribution to the field of nonlinear dynamics and differential equations, this text consists of 38 papers contributed by experts from 15 countries, together with a survey of Professor Leela's work. The first group of papers ...

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