1st Edition

Stabilization Problems with Constraints Analysis and Computational Aspects

    Presents and demonstrates stabilizer design techniques that can be used to solve stabilization problems with constraints. These methods have their origins in convex programming and stability theory. However, to provide a practical capability in stabilizer design, the methods are tailored to the special features and needs of this field. Hence, the main emphasis of this book is on the methods of stabilization, rather than optimization and stability theory.
    The text is divided into three parts. Part I contains some background material. Part II is devoted to behavior of control systems, taking examples from mechanics to illustrate the theory. Finally, Part III deals with nonlocal stabilization problems, including a study of the global stabilization problem.

    PART I - Foundations: Convex Analysis
    1. Differential Equations and Control Systems 2. Computational Methods of Convex Analysis
    PART II - Local Stabilization Problems: Stabilization Problem
    1. Controllable Linear Systems 2. Unilateral Stabilization
    PART III - Nonlocal Stabilization Problems: Stabilization to Sets
    1. Global Stabilization Problem 2. Stabilization of Uncertain Systems


    Vladimir A Bushenkov (Author), Georgi V Smirnov (Author)