1st Edition

Stadium Status Taking Your Business to the Big Time

By John Brubaker Copyright 2017
    172 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Business as usual is ancient history. Large corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and even CEOs and politicians must make the move from simply selling a product or service to delivering a mind-blowing customer experience. They have to learn to play at the level athletes and entertainers call stadium status.

    Stadium status is that elusive place every coach, athlete, entertainer, and performer strives to reach. It’s moving from being an opening act to the headliner, from performing on a small stage to the greatest stage in the largest venue possible: a sold out stadium. Everything starts from humble beginnings; talent and work ethic might get you in the game, but stadium status takes strategy – and that starts with a vision.

    John Brubaker shares his personal experiences as a successful radio personality, coach, and executive consultant, and reveals the strategies employed by country musicians, teams, and brands to build their fan base and separate themselves from the competition. He explains exactly how readers can implement these same tactics to achieve better results in their own endeavors. Stadium Status’ real-world examples demonstrate that gaining a fresh perspective and applying ideas from outside your industry are what will truly elevate your performance.

    Part I VISION

    Chapter 1 #StadiumStatus

    Chapter 2 Be the First Believer

    Chapter 3 Your Golden Ticket

    Chapter 4 A Rising Tide

    Chapter 5 Fearless Authenticity

    Chapter 6 Your Ego Is Not Your Amigo


    Chapter 7 Everyone Recruits

    Chapter 8 No Small Stages

    Chapter 9 Game Changer

    Chapter 10 Chase Excellence

    Chapter 11 Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Chapter 12 Put Your Fans on Speed Dial

    Chapter 13 Your Tour Bus

    Chapter 14 Shock and Awe


    Chapter 15 Focus on Your Fanatics

    Chapter 16 Low Tech, High Touch

    Chapter 17 Let the Low Ride Go

    Chapter 18 Making Up When You Mess Up

    Chapter 19 On Tour

    Chapter 20 Chemistry

    Chapter 21 Your Front Row Seats

    Chapter 22 Presence

    Chapter 23 Yours Versus Theirs

    Conclusion The Secret Location of Stadium Status

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    About the Author


    John Brubaker is a nationally renowned performance consultant, speaker, and author. More importantly, he’s a husband and father. John teaches audiences how to achieve stadium status results in business with straightforward tools that turbocharge performance.

    Brubaker is the author of numerous books, including: Hollywood Book Festival award-winner Seeds of Success, The Secret Playbook of Coach Morgan Randall, The Daily Game Plan, and The Coach Approach. In 2016, his book Seeds of Success was adapted into a screenplay for a major motion picture.

    Coach Bru has been featured on Fox Sports, ESPN Radio, CBS Radio, and NBC News, as well as in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and numerous other media outlets. His principles and strategies are impacting professional sports teams, corporations, universities, and associations. CEOs, entrepreneurs, and coaches call on Coach Bru to motivate their people. Brubaker also coaches some of the world’s top executives, coaches, and athletes, helping them perform their best when it matters most.

    John Brubaker graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and he also earned a master’s degree in personnel psychology from FDU. He has completed his doctoral coursework in sport psychology at Temple University. For more information visit: www.CoachBru.com

    "Coach Bru views leadership performance through a very different lens, which is why we like to bring him in to speak to our organization. Stadium Status is indeed a unique perspective that will help you take your game to the next level."

    -Clint Hurdle, Manager, Pittsburgh Pirates

    "Buy this book and study it before your competition does."

    -Troy Coleman, Hick Hop Innovator & Visionary

    "Lots of people talk about achieving "stadium status"; Coach Bru truly defines it. His strategies and real life examples show you how to set the bar high – and keep it there."

    –Granger Smith, Country Music Singer/Songwriter

    "This is the most bold, original and enjoyable book on entrepreneurship to come out in my lifetime."

    – Jeff Andrulonis, Chairman/CEO, Colonial Media + Entertainment

    "As a peak performance coach I’ve worked with thousands of championship coaches and athletes in professional, collegiate and Olympic stadiums so I can tell you this book is nothing short of incredible. Stadium Status should be in every CEO’s and entrepreneur’s library as the go-to resource for achieving peak performance in business and life."

    Brian Cain, Peak Performance Coach and #1 Best Selling Author

    "If the devil is in the details, Coach Bru has written one hell of a book."

    -Earl Dibbles Jr., Country Music Singer