4th Edition

Stata Tips, Fourth Edition, Volume II: Tips 120-152

Edited By Nicholas J Cox Copyright 2024
    183 Pages
    by Stata Press

    Stata Tips provides concise and insightful notes about commands, features, and tricks that will help you obtain a deeper understanding of Stata.

    The book comprises the contributions of the Stata community that have appeared in the Stata Journal since 2003. Each tip is a brief article that provides practical advice on using Stata. With tips covering a breadth of topics in statistics, graphics, data management, and programming, both new and experienced Stata users are sure to find tips that will be useful in their research.

    Introducing Stata tips

    Stata tip 120: Certifying subroutines

    M. L. Buis

    Stata tip 121: Box plots side by side

    N. J. Cox

    Stata tip 122: Variable bar widths in two-way graphs

    B. Jann

    Stata tip 123: Spell boundaries

    N. J. Cox

    Stata tip 124: Passing temporary variables to subprograms

    M. L. Buis

    Stata tip 125: Binned residual plots for assessing the fit of regression models for binary outcomes

    J. Kasza

    Stata tip 126: Handling irregularly spaced high-frequency transactions data

    C. F. Baum and S. Bibo

    Stata tip 127: Use capture noisily groups

    R. B. Newson

    Stata tip 128: Marginal effects in log-transformed models: A trade application

    L. J. Uberti

    Stata tip 129: Efficiently processing textual data with Stata’s new Unicode features

    A. Koplenig

    Stata tip 130: 106610 and all that: Date variables that need to be fixed.

    N. J. Cox

    Stata tip 131: Custom legends for graphs that use translucency

    T. P. Morris

    Stata tip 132: Tiny tricks and tips on ticks

    N. J. Cox and V. Wiggins

    Stata tip 133: Box plots that show median and quartiles only

    N. J. Cox

    Stata tip 134: Multiplicative and marginal interaction effects in nonlinear models

    W. H. Dow

    E. C. Norton

    and J. T. Donahoe

    Stata tip 135: Leaps and bounds

    M. L. Buis

    Stata tip 136: Between-group comparisons in a scatterplot with weighted markers

    A. Musau

    Stata tip 137: Interpreting constraints on slopes of rank-deficient design matrices

    D. Christodoulou

    Stata tip 138: Local macros have local scope

    N. J. Cox

    Stata tip 139: The by() option of graph can work better than graph combine

    N. J. Cox

    Stata tip 140: Shorter or fewer category labels with graph bar

    N. J. Cox

    Stata tip 141: Adding marginal spike histograms to quantile and cumulative distribution plots

    N. J. Cox

    Stata tip 142: joinby is the real merge m:m

    D. Mazrekaj and J. Wursten

    Stata tip 143: Creating donut charts in Stata

    A. Musau

    Stata tip 144: Adding variable text to graphs that use a by() option

    N. J. Cox

    Stata tip 145: Numbering weeks within months

    N. J. Cox

    Stata tip 146: Using margins after a Poisson regression model to estimate the number of events prevented by an intervention

    M. Falcaro

    R. B. Newson

    and P. Sasieni

    Erratum: Stata tip 145: Numbering weeks within months

    N. J. Cox

    Stata tip 147: Porting downloaded packages between machines

    R. B. Newson

    Stata tip 148: Searching for words within strings

    N. J. Cox

    Stata tip 149: Weighted estimation of fixed-effects and first-differences models

    J. Gardner

    Stata tip 150: When is it appropriate to xtset a panel dataset with panelvar only? C. Lazzaro

    Stata tip 151: Puzzling out some logical operators

    N. J. Cox

    Stata tip 152: if and if: When to use the if qualifier and when to use the if command

    N. J. Cox and C. B. Schechter


    Nicholas Cox is a statistically minded geographer at Durham University. He contributes talks, postings, FAQ, and programs to the Stata user community. He has also coauthored 16 commands in official Stata. He was an author of several inserts in the Stata Technical Bulletin and is Editor-at-Large of the Stata Journal.