1st Edition

State Policies and Internal Migration Studies in Market and Planned Economies

Edited By A. S. Oberai Copyright 1983

    First published in 1983, State Policies and Internal Migration presents a comprehensive overview of migration influencing policies and programmes in the developing countries. Population movements and the spatial distribution of population have become matters of vital concern in most developing countries. This ILO initiated research presents case studies from Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal, and Poland to discuss themes like population distribution and development strategies; migration related policies and trends; transmigration and accumulation; population distribution policies and planned resettlement; and socio-economic development and rural-urban migration to understand state intervention in the promotion of capitalist or socialist development. This book is a must read for scholars and researchers of migration studies, economics, and labour economics.

    List of tables and maps Preface 1. Introduction A. S. Oberai 2. An Overview of Migration-influencing Polices and Programmes A. S. Oberai 3. Population Distribution and Development Strategies in Peninsular Malaysia Paul Chan 4. Migration-related Policies: A Study of the Sri Lanka Experience A.D.V. de S. Indraratna, et al. 5. Migration in India: Trends and Policies Ashish Bose 6. Transmigration and Accumulation in Indonesia J.P. Perez-Sainz 7. Population Distribution Policies and Planned Resettlement in Nepal V.B. S. Kansakar 8. Socio-economic Development and Rural-urban Migration in Poland I. Frenkel Bibliography Index


    A. S. Oberai