1st Edition

State Policies and Migration Studiesin Latin America and the Caribbean

Edited By Peter Peek, Guy Standing Copyright 1982

    First published in 1982, State Policies and Migration is a study on migration-related government action. This book consists of analyses of various rural reforms and industrial strategies in eight Latin American and Caribbean countries. The emphasis of the studies has been determined by the particular context of the country or region concerned, but in general the studies fall into three categories. The first four chapters are primarily concerned with land reforms, however partial. The next two chapters focus on general industrialisation strategies, considering their impact on urbanisation and the attempts made to achieve population redistribution within the context of the longstanding process of industrialisation. Finally, the third section consists of two very different cases of attempts to alter population distribution in the context of transforming the socio-economic structure. This book will be of interest to students of economics, agriculture, history, public policy and migration studies.

    List of tables List of charts, figures and maps Preface 1. State policies and labour migration Peter Peek and Guy Standing 2. Agrarian change and migration in Chile Cristobal Kay 3. Casual work, seasonal migration and agrarian reform in Peru Jose Matos Mar and Jose Manuel Mejfa 4. Agrarian change and labour migration in the Sierra of Ecuador Peter Peek 5. Colonisation in Rondonia: continuities and perspectives George Martine 6. Industrialisation and migration in Mexico Claudio Stern 7. Industrialisation and urbanisation in Colombia Alan Simmons and Carol Vlassoff 8. Contrived stagnation, migration and the state in Guyana Guy Standing 9. Agrarian structure and migration and the state of Cuba David Lehmann Author index Subject index


    Peter Peek and Guy Standing