1st Edition

State Policies and Techno-Industrial Innovation

Edited By Ulrich Hilpert Copyright 1991
    372 Pages
    by Routledge

    Behind the rhetoric of `intervention' and `deregulation' which has accompanied state attempts to stimulate technological innovation in the last decade is secreted a story of failed ambitions, confusion, muddle and incoherence.
    Techno-industrial innovation does make demands on the state, not only in terms of new industries, but also in regard to the inter-relation of industrial and R&D policy and the creation of markets.
    This book provides a comparative analysis of techno-industrial innovation in Europe, Japan and the USA. Drawing on case studies ranging from the semi-conductor to the biotechnology industries, the book presents a comprehensive and detailed survey of national strategies for the internal and world markets and sets them in their political context, where `the costs may be high and the pay-offs uncertain'.

    Part I: Introduction and General Perspectives: The Changing Role of the State in Techno-Industrial Innovation. 1. State, Science and Techno-Industrial Innovation - A New Model of State Policy and a Changing Role of the State Ulrich Hilpert, Freie Universität, Berlin 2. The Nature and Relevance of State Policy for Techno-Industrial Innovation Kenneth Dyson, University of Bradford 3. Techno-Industrial Innovation and Technology Assessment - the State's Problems with its New Role Frieder Naschold, Science Centre, Berlin Part II: Small Internal Markets and the Relevance of State Capabilities: is Techno-Industrial Innovation State Introduced? 4. Economic Adjustment by Techno-Industrial Innovation and the Role of the State - Solar and Biotechnology in France and West Germany Ulrich Hilpert, Freie Universität, Berlin 5. The State and Telecommunications Modernisation in Britain, France and West Germany Peter Humphreys, University of Manchester 6. State Policy on Techno-Industrial Innovation in Weaker Economies - the Case of Biotechnology in Britain and Italy Wendy Faulkner, University of Edinburgh and Luigi Orsenigo, Bocconi University, Milan 7. The State and New Forms of Communication - the Introduction of Videotex in France, West Germany and North America James Miller, Hampshire College; Volker Schneider, Max-Planck Institüt Köln and Thirerry Vedel, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Paris Part III: Large Internal Markets and the Role of the State: Is there a Need for Policies on Techno-Industrial Innovation? 8. Manufacturing Innovation and American Industrial Competitiveness Stephen S. Cohen and John Zysman, University of California at Berkley 9. Techno-Industrial Innovation and State Policies on Telecommunications in the United States and Japan Jill Hills, City University, London 10. Japanese R & D Policy for Techno-Industrial Innovation Takayuki Matso, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Tokyo 11. Airbus Industry: A Case Study in European High Tech Cooperation Desmond Hickie, Teeside Polytechnic Part IV: Small Countries in an Innovating World Economy: Can State Policy Introduce Participation? 12. National Styles in Technology Policy - Comparing the Swedish and Danish State Programmes in Microelectronics/Information Technology Andrew Jamison, University of Lund 13. Small Industrialised Countries and the Global Innovation Race - The Role of the State in the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland Rob van Tulder, University of Amsterdam Part V: Conclusions 14. The Political Introduction of Techno-Industrial Innovation - Some Comparative Conclusions on the Role of the State in Trends for Internationalism Ulrich Hilpert, Freie Universität, Berlin Index


    Ulrich Hilpert

    'An excellent example of an internationally comparative work created by the pooling of expertise.' - Business History