1st Edition

State Territoriality and European Integration

Edited By Michael Burgess, Hans Vollaard Copyright 2006
    298 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    304 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The European nation state is now placed between the interconnected processes of globalization and European integration. This new book examines these evolving relationships, showing how the conventional territorial basis of the state is being reappraised.

    Bringing together leading thinkers on the nation state, this volume tackles key questions about how we should conceptualize and discuss the political significance of territory in today’s world. For example, does the era of Europeanization and globalization herald the end of citizens’ traditional attachment to their national territories? Do our conceptions of the state no longer correspond to contemporary political realities? These questions are approached from a range of positions that illuminate the debates now taking place across the world.

    This book delivers a clear set of key concepts, indicators and theoretical notions to carry out a historically and empirically grounded examination.  Drawing upon case studies from across Europe, the lessons and conclusions detailed have a fascinating international scope and can be applied to our understanding of globalization, which is intimately connected with European integration.

    This is an invaluable book for all students of European integration, political science and international relations.

    1. Introduction: Analysing Westphalian states in an integrating Europe and a globalising world, Michael Burgess and Hans Vollaard Section I: territoriality in history 2. The quest for security: the case of the Dutch republic, Olaf van Nimwehen 3. Metamorphoses of European territoriality, Benno Teschke Section II: analysing territoriality in multi-level polities 4. Area and administration: a multi-level analysis of a multi-Layered phenomenon, Theo Toonen and Frits van der Meer 5. Territoriality and federalism in the governance of the European Union, Michael Burgess 6. The hyphenated state, multi-level governance and the communities in Belgium: the case of Brussels, Wilfried Swenden and Marleen Brans Section III: European integration: a changing territorial state of affairs? 7. Territoriality and the EU citizen, Gertjan Dijkink and Virginie Mamadouh 8. Building the common market but preventing chaos: the continuous relevance of the principle of territoriality in the field of taxation, Herman Voogsgeerd 9. Beyond the double bind of social Europe, Anton Hemerijck 10. When push comes to shove: the territorial monopoly of force and the travails of neomedieval Europe, Jorg Friedrichs 11. Europe, war and territory, Peter van Ham 12. Conclusion: state territoriality and European integration, Michael Burgess and Hans Vollaard


    Michael Burgess, Hans Vollaard