1st Edition

State and Capitalist Development in India A Political Economy Perspective

Edited By Surinder Kumar, C S. Verma, Prashant K. Trivedi Copyright 2024

    This book seeks to encourage dialectical methods through the interaction of economic, political and social factors to approach social analysis. It examines various emerging issues in society in the era of globalization. The issues raised in the critique will benefit scholars in comprehending social reality with a new perspective and approach.

    This book will help policymakers look at more realistic conclusions for policy making.

    This title is co-published with Aakar Books. Print editions not for sale in South Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Bhutan).



    Section I: State, Market and Globalization

    1. The Poverty of ‘Mainstream Economics’

    Prabhat Patnaik

    2. Qualitative Indicators of Development: Beyond Exclusive GDP-centricity

    Kamal Nayan Kabra

    3. Can Capitalism Survive the Rapid Advances in Automation?: A Comparison with Thomas Piketty’s Argument

    V. Upadhyay

    4. The Rise of the Neoliberal State: A Marxian Approach

    Paramjit Singh and Balwinder Singh Tiwana

    Section II: Rural Society and Agrarian Change

    5. Can Small Farmers Survive in Agriculture? A Study in South Indian Villages

    R.V. Ramana Murthy

    6. Neoliberal Discourse on Land Reforms and Women’s Land Rights in India

    Prashant K. Trivedi and Arathi P.M.

    7. Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture: Approaches, Extent and Dimensions

    Sanatan Nayak and Surendra Singh

    8. Aggressive Capitalist Development, Displacement of Tribals and Tribal Protests in Odisha in the Era of Liberalization (1991-2011)

    Arun K. Jana

    Section III: Participatory Democracy and Governance

    9. Globalization and Employment Trends in India: An Analysis

    Sukhdev Singh, Balwinder Singh Tiwana and Jasdeep Singh Toor

    10. India’s Hand-knotted Carpet Industry in the Post-Reforms Era: Export Performances and Challenges

    Amit K. Giri and S.P. Singh

    11. Quality of Governance in the Sub-National Governments in India

    Nagendra Kumar Maurya and Sapna Singh

    12. Political Economy of Regulation and Electricity Service to the Poor in India

    C.S. Verma

    Section IV: Gender, Development and Disparities

    13. Dalit Assertion and Empowerment: A Regional Perspective

    B.N. Prasad

    14. Trends in Occupational Gender Segregation in India

    Tushar Agrawal and Ankush Agrawal

    15. Regional Income Disparities and Convergence in India: A Study of Pre and Post-Reforms Periods

    Naresh Singla and Munish Kumar

    16. Financial Inclusion and Banking Sector: Issues and Challenges for Governance

    S. Sudhakar Babu

    17. Evolution of Altruism: A Study with School Children in India

    Monami Sinha, Sujoy Chakravarty and V. Upadhayay

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    Surinder Kumar is Director of the Giri Institute of Development Studies, Lucknow. Formerly, RBI Chair Professor at the Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development, Chandigarh.

    C S Verma is Senior Fellow at Giri Institute of Development Studies, Lucknow. Formerly, a journalist for the National Herald, New Delhi.

    Prashant K Trivedi is Associate Professor at Giri Institute of Development Studies, Lucknow. Formerly, Review Editor of Social Change.