1st Edition

Static Fields and Potentials

By Joy Manners Copyright 2000

    Static Fields and Potentials describes two of the fundamental interactions in nature: gravity and electromagnetism. The book introduces the associated fields, potentials, and energies and explains the relationship among them. It shows how these interactions manifest themselves in different ways, from the formation of stars to the operation of thund

    Gravitational and electric forces and fields: The story of planetary motion. Gravitational forces and fields. A first look at charge. Electric forces and fields. Applications of electric fields. Gravitational and electric potential: Where does a star's energy come from? Potential energy. Gravitational and electric potential. Capacitance and energy storage in electric fields. Applications of potential and potential energy. Electric currents: An electric world. What is an electric current? Currents in simple circuits. Power, internal resistance and electromotive force. Currents in the everyday world. Magnetic fields and the Lorentz force law. The magic of magnetism. The magnetic field. The generation of magnetic fields. Magnetic materials. Consolidation and skills development. Answers and comments.


    Joy Manners