2nd Edition

Statins in General Practice: Pocketbook

By Allan Gaw Copyright 2003

    No member of the primary care team can afford to be indifferent to the tremendous developments that have taken place in the areas of coronary heart disease and vascular disease prevention. This new edition of Statins in General Practice includes data from the major new clinical trials. This short book contains everything that the general practitioner or practice nurse needs to know to use statins effectively and safely. The use of statins in clinical practice has become an established part of modern medicine. They were introduced in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a new group of cholesterol-lowering drugs, but have since become agents that have an important effect in reducing not only blood lipid levels but also an individual's risk of vascular disease.

    1. Why do we use statins? 2. How do we assess dyslipidaemia? 3. What are the statins and how do they work? 4. What evidence do we have that statins work? 5. Who should receive statin therapy? 6. What about the future?


    Allan Gaw