1st Edition

Statistically Speaking A Dictionary of Quotations

    432 Pages
    by CRC Press

    432 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Statistically Speaking is a book of quotations. It brings together the best expressed thoughts that are especially illuminating and pertinent to the disciplines of probability and statistics. The book is an aid for the individual who loves to quote – and to quote correctly.

    Preface. Actuary. Analysis. Average. Bayesian. Cause and effect. Certainty. Chance. Common sense. Correlation. Data. Definitions. Degrees of freedom. Design of experiments. Dice. Distributions. Error. Experiment. Facts. Forecast. Gambling. Graphics. Hypotheses. Impossible. Infinite. Knowledge. Laws. Likelihood. Measurement. Models. Observations. Order. Outliers. Percentages. Prayer. Prediction. Probability. Probable. Problems. Quality control. Queue. Randomness. Reason. Recursion. Regression. Research. Residuals. Sample. Science. Statistical. Statistician. Statistics. Surveys and questionnaires. Symmetry. Tables. Teaching. Testing. Theory. Truth. Variability. Bibliography. Permissions. Subject by author index. Author by subject index.


    Gaither, C.C.

    "This is a remarkable collection made even more so by the careful referencing and indexing … a delightful book to pick up now and again and delve into. It is referenced and cross-referenced to a faretheewell."
    -Journal of Quality Technology

    "…this collection will be valuable and useful for all levels of readers, including statisticians."

    "A veritable mine of ideas to enliven your classes or impress your colleagues. Recommended!"
    -Teaching Statistics

    "From Sophocles to Esar's Comic Dictionary, this book contains the most complete collection of statistical quotations ever assembled … The attributions are detailed where possible including a full biographical information and page numbers."
    -Australia and New Zealand Journal of Statistics

    "… the authors have produced a delightful book, full of interest. It will be useful for all levels of readers and is highly recommended. This is a volume that should be on the shelves of every statistics department, primarily for use and secondly for pleasure."
    -The Statistician