3rd Edition

Statistics The Essentials for Research

By Henry E. Klugh Copyright 1986

    Published in 1986, Statistics is a valubale contribution to the field of Research Methods/Stats.

    1: Introduction; 2: Graphing Distributions; 3: Measures of Central Tendency; 4: Measures of Variability; 5: Measures of Association; 6: Prediction; 7: The Nature of Research; 8: Probability; 9: The Binomial Distribution and its Normal Approximation; 10: Chi Square; 11: The t Distribution; 12: Analysis of Variance I; 13: Analysis of Variance II; 14: Analysis of Variance III; 15: Nonparametric Tests of Significance


    Henry E. Klugh

    "This book requires no more mathematics than other introductory statistics books in the social and behavior sciences. However, it offers much more in terms of quantitative concepts and is more demanding of the student than comparable books."
    Contemporary Psychology