570 Pages 100 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    570 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    This volume discusses an important area of statistics and highlights the most important statistical advances. It is divided into four sections: statistics in the life and medical sciences, business and social science, the physical sciences and engineering, and theory and methods of statistics.

    INTRODUCTION, Adrian E. Raftery, Martin A. Tanner, and Martin T. Wells
    STATISTICS IN THE LIFE AND MEDICAL SCIENCES, Guest Editor Norman E. Breslow, University of Washington, USA
    Survival Analysis, David Oakes
    Causal Analysis in the Health Sciences, Sander Greenland
    Environmental Statistics, Peter Guttorp
    Capture-Recapture Models, Kenneth H. Pollock
    Statistics in Animal Breeding, Daniel Gianola
    Some Issues in Assessing Human Fertility, Clarice R. Weinberg and David B. Dunson
    Statistical Issues in Toxicology, Louise M. Ryan
    Receiver Operating Characteristic Methodology, Margaret Sullivan Pepe
    The Randomized Clinical Trial, David P. Harrington
    Some Contributions of Statistics to Environmental Epidemiology, Duncan C. Thomas
    Challenges Facing Statistical Genetics, B. S. Weir
    Computational Molecular Biology, Wing Hung Wong
    STATISTICS IN BUSINESS AND SOCIAL SCIENCE, Guest Editor Mark P. Becker, University of Michigan, USA
    Finance: A Selective Survey, Andrew W. Lo
    Statistics and Marketing, Peter E. Rossi and Greg M. Allenby
    Time Series and Forecasting: Brief History and Future Research, Ruey S. Tsay
    Contingency Tables and Log-Linear Models: Basic Results and New Developments, Stephen E. Fienberg
    Causal Inference in the Social Sciences, Michael E. Sobel
    Political Methodology: A Welcoming Discipline, Nathaniel L. Beck
    Statistics in Sociology, 1950-2000, Adrian E. Raftery
    Psychometrics, Michael W. Browne
    Empirical Methods and the Law, Theodore Eisenberg
    Demography: Past, Present, and Future, Yu Xie
    STATISTICS IN THE PHYSICAL SCIENCES AND ENGINEERING, Guest Editor Diane Lambert, Statistics Research Department, Bell Labs, USA
    Challenges in Understanding the Atmosphere, Doug Nychka
    Seismology: A Statistical Vignette, David Vere-Jones
    Internet Traffic Data, William S. Cleveland and Don X. Sun
    Coding and Compression: A Happy Union of Theory and Practice, Jorma Rissanen and Bin Yu
    Statistics in Reliability, Jerry Lawless
    The State of Statistical Process Control as We Proceed into the 21st Century, Zachary G. Stoumbos, Marion R. Reynolds, Jr., Thomas P. Ryan, and William H. Woodall
    Statistics in Preclinical Pharmaceutical Research and Development, Bert Gunter and Dan Holder
    Statistics in Advanced Manufacturing, Vijay Nair, Mark Hansen, and Jan Shi
    THEORY AND METHODS, Guest Editor George Casella, University of Florida, USA
    Bayesian Analysis: A Look at Today and Thoughts of Tomorrow, James O. Berger
    An Essay on Statistical Decision Theory, Lawrence D. Brown
    Markov Chain Monte Carlo: 10 Years and Still Running, Olivier Cappe and Christian P. Robert
    Empirical Bayes: Past, Present and Future, Bradley P. Carlin and Thomas A. Louis
    Linear and Log-Linear Models, Ronald Christensen
    The Bootstrap and Modern Statistics, Bradley Efron
    Prospects of Nonparametric Modeling, Jianquing Fan
    Gibbs Sampling, Alan E. Gelfand
    The Variable Selection Problem, Edward I. George
    Robust Nonparametric Methods, Thomas P. Hettmansperger, Joseph W. McKean, and Simon J. Sheather
    Hierarchical Models: A Current Computational Perspective, James P. Hobert
    Hypothesis Testing: From p Values to Bayes Factors, John I. Marden
    Generalized Linear Models, Charles E. McCulloch
    Missing Data: Dial M for ???, Xiao-Li Meng
    A Robust Journey in the New Millennium, Stephen Portnoy and Xuming He
    Likelihood,Nancy Reid
    Conditioning, Likelihood, and Coherence: A Review of Some Foundational Concepts, James Robins and Larry Wasserman
    The End of Time Series, V. Solo
    Principal Information Theoretic Approaches, Ehsan S. Soofi
    Measurement Error Models, L. A. Stefanski
    Higher Order Asymptotic Approximation: Laplace, Saddlepoint, and Related Methods, Robert L. Strawderman
    Minimaxity, William E. Strawderman
    Afterword, George Casella


    Martin A. Tanner

    "This impressive volume is highly recommended for all statisticians as well as anybody who is interested in applying statistics in any science."
    - Perceptual and Motor Skills, December 2001

    "Even though statistics is used in different disciplines in different contexts, this volume reveals an underlying cohesiveness of the field. With the growth of computer power and storage, researchers are analyzing large and complex data sets, leading to the need for new methods of model selection. Material is presented clearly and informatively. Extensive author and subject indexes. A valuable addition to academic libraries."
    --CHOICE Magazine, May 2002