1st Edition

Stealth Liposomes

Edited By Danilo D. Lasic, Francis J. Martin Copyright 1995
    320 Pages
    by CRC Press

    320 Pages 5 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book examines stealth liposomes from a multidisciplinary approach, which includes theoretical polymer physics, organic synthesis, colloid science, and biology. Discussions include theory, chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, preclinical studies in model systems, and medical applications in humans.

    Introduction, D.D. Lasic and F.J. MartinForeword, A.D. BanghamStealth (R) Liposomes: From Steric Stabilization to Targeting, D. PapahadjopoulosFate of Liposomes In Vivo and Its Control: An Historical Perspective, G. GregoriadisEffect of Surface Modification with Glycolipids and Polysaccharides on In Vivo Fate of Liposomes, P.C. Ghosh and B.K. BachhawatStabilization of Colloidal Dispersions by Grafted Polymers, O. Borisov, P. Auroy, and L. AuvrayPhysical Properties of Polymer-Grafted Bilayers, K. Hristova and D. NeedhamMolecular Mechanism of Liposome and Immunoliposome Steric Protection with Poly (Ethylene Glycol): Theoretical and Experimental Proofs of the Role of Polymer Chain Flexibility, V.P. Torchilin, M.I. Papisov, A.A. Bogdanov, V.S. Trubetskoy, and V.G. OmelyanenkoMeasurement of the Range and Magnitude of the Repulsive Pressure between PEG-Coated Liposomes, T.J. McIntosh, A.K. Kenworthy, and D. NeedhamModulation and Modeling of Interaction Forces between Lipid Bilayers Exposing Terminally Grafted Polymer Chains, T.L. Kuhl, D.E. Leckband, D.D. Lasic, and J.N. IsraelachviliPolyetheylene Glycol-Lipid Conjugates, S. ZalipskyBiological Properties of Sterically Stabilized Liposomes, M.C. Woodle, M.S. Newman, and P.K. WorkingMechanism of Stealth (R) Liposomes Accumulation in Some Pathological Tissues, S.K. Huang, F.J. Martin, D.S. Friend, and D. PapahadjopoulosExtravasation of Stealth (R) Liposomes into Tumors: Direct Measurement of Accumulation and Vascular Permeability Using a Skin-Flap Window Chamber, M. Dewhirst and D. NeedhamPharmacokinetics and Antitumor Activity of Anthracyclines Precipitated in Sterically Stabilized (Stealth (R)) Liposomes, D.D. LasicTissue Uptake and Therapeutic Effects of Stealth (R) Doxorubicin, J. Vaage and E. BarberaTherapeutic Application of Vincristine in Conventional and Sterically Stabilized Liposomes, P.S. UsterStealth (R) Liposomes as a Drug Sustained Release System for 1-b-D-Arabinosylfuranosylcytosine (Cytosine Arabinoside),


    Danilo Lasic , Frank Martin