1st Edition

Steam Turbines for Modern Fossil-Fuel Power Plants

By Alexander S. Leyzerovich Copyright 2007
    552 Pages
    by River Publishers

    Presenting the newest approaches to the design and operation of steam turbines, this book also explores modern techniques for refurbishment of aging units. It covers recent engineering breakthroughs and new approaches to transient operating conditions, as well as improved information support for operational personnel. An authoritative guide for power plant engineers, operators, owners and designers on all of these crucial developments, this book fully describes and evaluates the most important new design and operational improvement opportunities for the full spectrum of today's steam turbines – from the newest and most advanced to the more common existing systems.

    Steam Turbines in the Modern World. Rise of Steam Turbine Output & Efficiency with Steam Parameters. Configuration of Modern Power Steam Turbines. Design of Steam Path, Blading, Gland Seals, and Valves. Last Stage Blades & Exhaust Hoods of LP Cylinders. Thermal Expansion, Bearings & Lubrication. Operating Conditions & Start-up Systems. Experimental Researches of Turbine Transients. Start-up Technologies & Applications. Start-up Instructions for Steam Turbines. Scheduled & Unscheduled Load Changes. Cycling Operation & Its Influence on Turbine Performances. Automated Data Acquisition & Control. Diagnostic Monitoring of Turbine Heat Rate & Flow Capacity Performances. Diagnostic Monitoring of Turbine Temperature & Thermal Stress States. Post-Operative Analysis of Turbine Operation. Assessment & Extension of Steam Turbine Lifetime. Steam Turbine Upgrade. Appendices, Index.


    Alexander S. Leyzerovich (The Fairmont Press, Inc., Lilburn, Georgia, USA)