1st Edition

Steel Production Processes, Products, and Residuals

    The authors address the problems of determining the implications of different environmental standards and public policies by investigating their effect on industrial costs and resource use within linear-programming framework. Originally published in 1976

    I: Overview of the Steel-Making System and the Model; 1: Policy Questions and Methodology; 2: An Overview of Steel Technology; 3: By-product Coking; 4: Sinter Production; 5: Iron Production: The Blast Furnace; 6: Principal Steel-Making Practices; 7: The Finishing Section; 8: Particulate Emission Control; II: Analytical Application of the Model; 9: The Bench Mark Case: Some Results and Comparisons; 10: Indirect Influences on Residuals Generation and Discharge; 11: Direct Influences on Residuals Generation and Discharge; 12: Policy Applications and New Directions


    Clifford S. Russell, William J. Vaughn