1st Edition

Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering Bone, Cartilage, and Associated Joint Tissue Defects

By Krishna Pramanik Copyright 2024
    354 Pages 95 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book covers conventional clinical treatment methods for handling bone, cartilage, and related disorders along with their limitations and highlights the current state of the art of tissue engineering as an alternative for regenerating such defective tissue. Potential biomimetic scaffolding materials and their development, desired properties, modifications, and optimizations are described. The design and advancement in fabrication, characterization, properties, and biological functions of scaffolds, their integration with stem cells, and various bioreactor systems for tissue regeneration are presented. It further reviews in vitro and in vivo (pre-clinical) assessments of tissue constructs, involved translational challenges, and strategies in various stages of neo-tissue production.


    • Discusses the key aspects of generating engineered bone, cartilage, and associated tissues through tissue engineering approach
    • Describes multiple engineering principles, and processes involved in the various stages of developing biomaterials and scaffolds
    • Covers integration of stem cells with scaffolds, including assessment of tissue grafts, and translational strategy
    • Explores key factors influencing tissue graft generation in bioreactors and challenges involved in various stages
    • Includes several exercises including review questions and numerical problems for better understanding of the subject

    This book is aimed at researchers, students, and professionals in biomedical engineering, tissue engineering, stem cells, biomaterials, and orthopaedics.

    1. Basic biology of bone, cartilage and surrounding tissues. 2. Tissue engineering as an alternative approach for bone & cartilage regeneration. 3. Basic biomaterial for repairing bone, cartilage and associated joint tissue defects. 4. Advances in fabrication of scaffold. 5. Scaffold properties & characterization. 6. Stem cells for cartilage, bone and related tissue regeneration. 7. Bioreactor and tissue graft generation. 8. In vitro assessment of bone & cartilage tissue grafts. 9. In vivo assessment of regenerated bone, cartilage and joint tissue. 10. Translational approaches & regulatory aspects.


    Krishna Pramanik obtained her Ph.D in Chemical Technology in the year 1995 from the University of Calcutta , India. She has 30 years of experience in Industry, research and teaching in the field of Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering. She is presently a Professor in the Department of Biotechnology & Medical Engineering and Heading the Center of Excellence in Tissue Engineering, National Institute of Technology Rourkela, India. Her current major research activity in the field of tissue engineering with the main focus on the developing bio polymeric and polymer-composite based tissue scaffold with nano- features, integration of scaffold with stem cell to generate tissue constructs and tissue grafts for bone, cartilage, skin, and corneal tissue defects. She has published nearly 150 papers, 16 book chapters of international publications, and edited three books. She has supervised 20 doctoral and 5 Post Doctoral Fellows, most of which in the area of Biomaterial and Tissue Engineering. She has been serving as the Editor and Editorial Board Member of international Journals including the Associate-Editor of Biocell and currently Associate Editor of in Biomaterials (specialty section of Frontiers in Materials, Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology and Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences).