1st Edition

Step Change The Leader’s Journey

By Alan Watkins Copyright 2022
    212 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    212 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    No one likes change. Too often it’s viewed as something that must be endured; something to ‘get through’ as fast as possible so that everything can ‘return to normal'. We need to change our view of change and see it for the opportunity it really is. Step Change: The Leader’s Journey helps leaders to become gifted and skilful at moving through the change process gracefully and productively.

    Based on Joseph Campbell’s 'hero’s journey', Step Change: The Leader’s Journey offers a universal road map of change from step-1 (comfort zone) through to step-12 (post-delivery inspiration). The journey travels through four distinct phases of ‘discover’, ‘decide’, ‘develop’ and ‘deliver’. Step Change provides a proven formula for change, both personal and organisational, which allows us to know where we are on the Change Wheel and what to expect from each step, including what it looks and feels like at each step. By identifying what causes change to fail at each step as well as tools to navigate past the pitfalls and dead ends that leave us stuck at a particular step or retreating to the comfort zone, the change cycle can be understood and mastered.

    The book provides the ideal structure for senior managers, human resource managers, coaches and business leaders to follow in order to embed change across their teams and organisation.

    1. Step-1: Comfort Zone 
    2. Step-2: Challenge to Reality 
    3. Step-3: Resistance to Change 
    4. Step-4: Overcoming Resistance 
    5. Step-5: Commitment
    6. Step-6: Prepare for Change 
    7. Step-7: Trials and Tribulations 
    8. Step-8: Deep Work 
    9. Step-9: Embodying the Change 
    10. Step-10: Return 
    11. Step-11: Delivery at New Level 
    12.  Step-12: Inspire 
    13. The Leader as Coach 


    Alan Watkins is the CEO and Founder of Complete, a consultancy specialising in developing exceptional leadership through individual and team development. Alan is unusual in that he advises completely different businesses in totally different market sectors, in different geographies, and works with many different types of businesses from innovative start-ups to FTSE 100 giants. He is the author of several successful books including Innovation Sucks! co-authored with Simon May, and HR (R)Evolution: Change the Workplace, Change the World, co-authored with Nick Dalton.