2nd Edition

Still Learning to Read Teaching Students in Grades 3–6

By Franki Sibberson, Karen Szymusiak Copyright 2016

    Authors Franki Sibberson and Karen Szymusiak are back with an updated version of Still Learning to Read: Teaching Students in Grades 3-6, 2nd Edition. In the years since the first edition, prevalence of testing and Common Core State Standards have redefined requirements and what is expected of both teachers and students.This new edition focuses on the needs of students in grades 3-6 in for the following areas: reading workshops, read-alouds, classroom design, digital tools, fiction and nonfiction, and close reading. The authors examine current trends in literacy and introduce a new section on intentional instructional planning, as well as a new chapter on scaffolding for reading nonfiction. Expanded examples of lessons and routines to promote deeper thinking about learning are also included.In Still Learning to Read, you'll also find online videos that provide insight into classrooms. Students make book choices, work in small groups, and discuss their reading notebooks. Finally, updated and expanded book lists, recommendations for digital tools, lesson cycles, and sections for school leaders round out this foundational resource.

    Chapter 1: Teaching Reading in the Upper Elementary Classroom; Part 1: Making the Most of Time and Space; Chapter 2: Being Intentional About Classroom Library Design; Chapter 3: Preparing for Thoughtful Instruction Before Our Students Enter the Classroom; Chapter 4: Slowing Down During the First Six Weeks; Chapter 5: Grouping Beyond Levels; Part 2: Threads of Learning Throughout the Year; Chapter 6: Read Aloud to Foster Writing and Conversations That Grow Thinking; Chapter 7: Intentional Reading Choices Throughout the Year; Chapter 8: Text Complexity: Scaffolding for Reading Fiction; Chapter 9: Text Complexity: Scaffolding for Reading Nonfiction; Chapter 10: The Role of Close Reading in Grades 3–6


    Franki Sibberson teaches third grade in Dublin, Ohio. She has worked in elementary schools for more than twenty-five years as a classroom teacher, reading support teacher, curriculum support teacher, and school librarian. She blogs regularly at A Year of Reading (readingyear.blogspot.com) and is also a regular contributor to Choice Literacy.
    Karen Szymusiak recently retired as a principal in the Dublin City Schools. As principal she had the unique opportunity to open a new elementary school in her district. Throughout her career she has also been an elementary teacher and a coordinator of curriculum and instruction, assisting teachers in developing thoughtful and purposeful learning experiences for children. She blogs at Talkworthy (talkworthy.blogspot.com).