1st Edition

Stone Decay Its Causes and Controls

Edited By B.J. Smith, A. Turkington Copyright 2004
    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume offers valuable insights into the nature of decay processes and the factors that control them. It presents several studies on the impact of pollution on stonework in urban environments. Important methodological contributions cover: the mapping of facades to explain rates of decay associated with conservation actions; the laboratory simulation of corrosion in polluted atmospheres; the quantification of colour change through a study of the artificial ageing of building stone. The effectiveness of stone treatments within the laboratory is also considered.

    Introduction: B.J. Smith and A.V. Turkington; Quantification of the decay rates of cleaned and soiled building sandstones M.E. Young, J. Ball and R.A. Laing; Durability and rock properties R.J. Inkpen, D. Petley and W. Murphy; The use of image analysis for quantitative monitoring of stone alteration V. Lebrun, C. Toussaint and E. Pirard; Mechanisms of attack on limestone by NO2 and SO2 G.C. Allen, A. El-Turki, K.R. Hallam, E.E. Coulson and R.A. Stowell; Weathering of sandstone sculptures on Charles Bridge, Prague: influence of previous restoration R. P ikryl, J. Svobodova and D. Hradil; Experimental weathering of rhyolite tuff building stones and the effect of an organic polymer conserving agent A. Torok, M. Galos and K. Kocsanyi-Kopecsko; Chemical composition of precipitation in Krakow: its role in salt weathering of stone building materials W. Wilczy ska-Michalik; Interpreting the spatial complexity of decay features on a sandstone wall A.V. Turkington and B.J. Smith; Arkose 'brownstone' tombstone weathering in the Northeastern USA T.C. Meierding; Weathering of Portuguese megaliths - evidence for rapid adjustment to new environmental conditions G.A. Pope and V.C. Miranda; Influence of anthropogenic factors on weathering of the Carpathian flysch sandstones W. Wilczy ska-Michalik and M. Michalik; Observations on stepkarren formed on limestone, gypsum and halite terrains D. Mottershead and G. Lucas; The role of mechanical and biotic processes in solution flute development D. Mottershead and G. Lucas; Weathering scales, landscapes and change: some thoughts on links R.J. Inkpen.


    B.J. Smith