1st Edition

Strategic Innovation New Game Strategies for Competitive Advantage

By Allan Afuah Copyright 2009
    504 Pages
    by Routledge

    504 Pages
    by Routledge

    In today’s fast-changing business environment, those firms that want to remain competitive must also be innovative. Innovation is not simply about developing new technologies into new products or services, but in many cases, finding new models for doing business in the face of change. It often entails changing the rules of the game.


    Strategic Innovation demonstrates to students how to create and appropriate value using new game strategies to gain competitive advantage. The book begins with a summary of the major strategic frameworks and showing the origins of strategic innovation. Next, Afuah gives a thorough examination of contemporary strategy from an innovation standpoint, including:

    • how to develop strategy in the face of change
    • a detailed framework for assessing the profitability potential of a strategy or product
    • consideration of how both for-profit and non-profit organizations can benefit from new game strategies.


    With a wealth of quantitative examples of successful strategies, as well as descriptive cases, Strategic Innovation will complement courses in strategy, and technology and innovation.

    Part 1: Introduction  1. Introduction to New Game Strategies and Overview  2. Assessing the Profitability Potential of a Strategy  3. The Long Tail and New Games  Part 2: Strengths and Weaknesses  4. Creating and Appropriating Value in the Face of New Games  5. Resources and Capabilities in the Face of New Games  6. First-mover Advantages and Disadvantages  7. Implementation of New Game Strategies  Part 3: Opportunities and Threats  8. Disruptive Technologies as New Games  9. Globalization Through New Games  10. New Game Environments and the Role of Governments  11. Coopetition and Game Theory  Part 4: Applications  12. Entering a New Business Using New Games  13. Strategy Frameworks  Part 5: Cases  Case 1: New World Invades France’s Wine Terroir  Case 2: Sephora Takes on America  Case 3: Netflix: Responding to Blockbuster, Again  Case 4: Threadless in Chicago  Case 5: Pixar Changes the Rules of the Game  Case 6: Lipitor: The World’s Best-Selling Drug  Case 7: New Belgium: Brewing a New Game  Case 8: Botox: How Long Would the Smile Last?  Case 9: Ikea Lands in the New World   Case 10: Esperion: Drano for Your Arteries?   Case 11: Xbox 360: Will the Second Time Be any Better?  Case 12: The Nintendo Wii: A Game-Changing Move


    Allan Afuah is Associate Professor of Strategy and International Business at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan.

    "Strategic Innovation features a very useable general framework for strategy analysis AND a comprehensive discussion of entrepreneurial new games, written by a world-class expert in these topics. While containing a cutting edge synthesis of the best ideas, this book is written at a level that can be understood and applied by business students."

    --Vance Fried, Oklahoma State University

    "Although it was Joseph Schumpeter who taught us that innovation is the engine of growth in free-market economies, it is Allan Afuah who teaches us how to achieve competitive advantage through strategic innovation."
    --Frank T. Rothaermel, Sloan Industry Studies Fellow and The Deedy Associate Professor of Strategy, Georgia Institute of Technology


    "This book will be the key reference for students of management interested in how to change the rules of the game. Through clear exposition and relevant, well-written cases, Allan Afuah guides the reader through the opportunities and threats of strategic innovation."

    --Christopher Tucci, Chair of Corporate Strategy & Innovation, EPFL