1st Edition

Strategic Logic and Political Rationality Essays in Honor of Michael I. Handel

Edited By Bradford A. Lee, Karl F. Walling Copyright 2004

    One of three volumes in honour of the teaching and scholarship of the late Michael I. Handel, this book details the universal logic of strategy and the ability of liberal-democratic governments to address this logic rationally.
    Treating war as an extension of politics, the diverse contributors (drawn from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Israel) explore the difficulties in matching strategy to policy, especially in free societies.

    Introduction, Bradford A. Lee, Karl F. Walling; Part 1 Strategic Logic; Chapter 1 Strategy in War and Sports, David E. Kaiser; Chapter 2 What is a Military Lesson?, William C. Fuller; Chapter 3 Why the Weak Win, Thomas G. Mahnken; Chapter 4 Attrition in Modern and Post-Modern War, Avi Kober; Chapter 5 Sunzi Bingfa as History and Theory, Andrew Meyer, Andrew Wilson; Chapter 6 Policy, Strategy, and Operations, Milan Vego; Part 2 Political Rationality; Chapter 7 Thucydides on Democratic Politics and Civil—Military Relations, Karl F. Walling; Chapter 8 Winning without Fighting, Andrew Lambert; Chapter 9 British Strategy and Winning the Great War, David French; Chapter 10 The Architecture and Soft Spots of Israeli Grand Strategy, Gil Merom; Chapter 11 Winning the War but Losing the Peace? The United States and the Strategic Issues of War Termination, Bradford A. Lee; Chapter 12 Clausewitz and the Two Contemporary Military Revolutions, James C. Kurth;


    Michael I. Handel, Bradford A. Lee, Karl F. Walling