2nd Edition

Strategic Management and Business Analysis

By Wyn Jenkins, Dave Williamson Copyright 2016
    310 Pages 63 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    310 Pages 63 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    How can managers analyze their current and future business strategies? This textbook introduces the fields of business analysis and strategic management to provide students with an understanding of the key questions that need to be asked to understand an organization's options.

    The second part of the book provides tools and techniques to help organize and improve corporate strategy. Uniquely, the authors provide resources to assess aspects of strategic goals which are sometimes overlooked such as financial performance, ethical and environmental considerations and business models. They cover a diverse range of companies from Supermarkets like Aldi and Tesco to Caermory Whiskey and Chinese manufacturing.

    This textbook is perfect reading for students who want to apply strategic thinking to organizations and benefits from the inclusion of new case studies throughout the text as well as 10 extended cases in a separate section.

    Part I: The Four Big Questions You Need to Ask  1. The First Big Question: Where is the organisation now?  2. The Second Big Question:  What options are open to the organisation?  3. The Third Big Question: What is the best way forward for the organisation?  4. The Fourth Big Question: How is this to be achieved?  Part II:  Helping You Answer the Four Big Questions  5. Organisation Structure and Strategy  6. Strategy Making Processes  7. Organisation Environments  8. Market Based Competitive Advantage  9. Organisation Resources  10. Financial Performance and Investment Appraisal  11. Corporate Social Responsibility  Part III: Case Studies  12. Case Studies: Analysis and synthesis  12.1. Caermory Whisky  12.2. Continuum and the Mackenzie Group of Companies  12.3. KH: Change in the Third Sector  12.4. Loyalty and Competition in a Changing Market Place: The Supermarket Challenge  12.5. Morrison Supermarkets Plc. Part 1(1899 – 2007)  12.6. Wm. Morrison Supermarkets Plc- Part 2(2008 – 2015)  12.7. Tesco : Losing ground in the UK  12.8. Aldi: A Low-Cost Retail Giant's Distinctive Business Practices  12.9. British Retailer Sainsbury's: On the Road to Recovery  12.10. Bags of Luck - The Beginning of the End of Chinese Surrogate Manufacture?  12.11. Cool-Comfort Shoes International Company Limited and Its Ace-of-Biz 


    David Williamson is Senior Research Fellow in Regulation at The University of Manchester, UK

    Wyn Jenkins is Senior Lecturer at Staffordshire University, UK

    'Understanding the linkages between research concepts and the actual practice of management can be a challenge for those charged with making strategic decisions in a dynamic business environment. In this book, Jenkins and Williamson help managers focus their efforts on the right questions, provide frameworks to answer them, and offer contemporary illustrative case studies. An excellent, unpretentious and utilitarian book.' - Mr. Anthony J. Ward, Senior Lecturer, University of Chester, UK

    'This textbook takes a refreshing view on strategic management. The four essential questions of strategy provide a ‘real life’ perspective as to what strategy is about. I commend the authors’ effort to bring strategy to life and showing its intricacy, complexity and how it operates within an uncertain realm. The balance of theory, examples and case studies from a variety of regions will help engage both students and lecturers.' - Véronique Ambrosini, Professor, Monash University, Australia

    'In Strategic Management and Business Analysis, theory and practice go well together. As a teacher, I note that there is often a need for attention to applied case studies in order to improve students' understanding of the business world. Teaching theory alone is not always so fruitful, and the understanding of strategic management should include a balanced mix of synergies between theory and practice. Williamson and Jenkins provide sound support in this direction.' - Fei Peng, Associate Professor, Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce, China

    'The textbook is an improved and updated version of the existing very successful edition by the same authors that I have used extensively at the MBA level. It is organized in a logical and understandable manner and contains the most important and useful information for both the researcher and the business analyst. It is written by experts who have excellent credentials both as academics and business practitioners at international level.' - Georgios Blanas, Professor and Dean of the Business and Economics School, University of Applied Sciences Of Thessaly, Greece

    'This text excellently combines the academic concepts that are necessary to understand strategic management with current business cases and business world examples unlike other comparable texts. the authors provide a user friendly text that is clear and well laid out from the outset and easy for students to follow.' - David Floyd, Senior Lecturer, The University of Lincoln, UK