4th Edition

Strategic Operations Management

By Steve Brown, John Bessant, Fu Jia Copyright 2018
    552 Pages 141 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    534 Pages 141 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    Strategic Operations Management, 4th Edition, shows how vital it is to have world-class operations management in any organisation. In the past, where organisations tended to be more hierarchical than today, the words, "strategy" and "operations" were almost mutually exclusive. In today's highly competitive environment, though, strategic operations capabilities must be in place for organisations to provide goods and services that meet and exceed customer requirements. Key issues such as cost, speed, quality, flexibility and constant innovation are all part of strategic operations. However, achieving such capabilities does not come by chance - instead a range of factors need to be put in place.

    This new edition pays equal attention to manufacturing and service sectors. It includes numerous references to, and discusses, major changes taking place in the business world, including 3-D printing; virtual organisations; Cloud – Big Data and the Internet of Things; Servitization, global markets, ongoing innovation and managing within complex supply networks. Cases are included from a range of settings across the globe.

    Students taking MBA, MSc and MBM classes on operations management, advanced operations management, and strategic operations management will find this textbook fulfills all their requirements whilst advanced undergraduate classes in these areas will also find the book an essential read.

    Preface, Chapter 1: - Introduction to Operations Management, Chapter 2: - Strategic operations Management, Chapter 3: - Managing Services, Chapter 4: - Managing Innovation, Chapter 5: - Managing Supply, Chapter 6: - Managing inventory (MRP), JIT, Chapter 7: - Managing Layout and Process Choice, Chapter 8: - Managing HRM in Operations, Chapter 9: - Managing Improvements through TQM BPR and Process Mapping, Chapter 10: - Strategic Capacity and Scheduling, Chapter 11: - Managing Sustainability in Operations, Chapter 12: - The Future of Operations, Index


    Steve Brown is Professor of Management within the Business School at the University of Southampton, UK

    John Bessant currently holds the Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Exeter Business School, UK.

    Professor Jeff (Fu) Jia is a Chair Professor in Supply Chain Management at the Management School, University of York, UK. He was a co-founder and director of ‘Business, Nature and Value Research Centre’ affiliated to Exeter, which aims to focus on the relationships between business, nature and value creation.


    ‘Through its reference to topical news items and practical case examples this thought provoking latest edition of Strategic Operations Management has pushed back the boundaries of an important subject. In addition to the established subjects of inventory management, innovation and services, greater emphasis is given to themes such as the emerging sustainability agenda. Technological advances and ethical issues are also given due prominence. It provides a useful bibliographic resource in the fast moving, dynamic and turbulent global business environment within which companies and public organisations now operate. ‘- David Bennett, Guest Professor, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

    ‘The new edition of the text authored by Brown, Bessant, and Jia is a comprehensive book on strategic operations management. It reflects the strategic relevance of operations management discipline to address the business challenges of 21st century, including the sustainability and adoption of new technologies.’ – Dr Breno Nunes, Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Operations Management, Aston University, UK.

    'This is a timely and welcome update to this well-written and comprehensive textbook. It covers everything needed in a core text and presents it in a digestible way whilst incorporating the challenges Operations Managers have to contend with as they devise strategies and practices to tackle the complexities and changes which continue to arise in businesses. Creating competitive advantage is a tough call. This book helps with working through and understanding the tools and techniques available'. -- Olga Matthias, Professor of Operations Management, Sheffield Business School, UK

    'This is a well written book by leading authorities operations management, it deals with areas that are often neglected such ethics and sustainability, and is ideally suited to advanced undergraduate and all postgraduate programmes (including MSc & MBA courses) which deal with the strategic importance of operations’ -- Tim Baines, Professor of Operations Strategy, Aston Business School.

    'The updated fourth edition of this leading text book provides students with practical examples to illustrate the key strategic priorities of operations management. This text book provides a comprehensive, easy to read course on strategic operations, including a focus on sustainable operations. This book will be of great benefit to students studying operations management as part of an under and post graduate business-related degree and also to practitioners as a reference text.' --  Professor Paul D Cousins, Chair in Operations Management, Head of School (Economics, Finance and Management), University of Bristol, Bristol, U.K.