1st Edition

Strategic Planning and Decision-Making for Public and Non-Profit Organizations

By Nicolas A. Valcik Copyright 2016
    264 Pages 36 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    288 Pages 36 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book provides administrators in public and non-profit organizations with direction and a framework from which to lead their organizations effectively. Taking a global approach to the issues administrators need to examine when managing a group of employees at any level (including budgeting and expenditures, forecasting, policy creation and execution, communication and reporting), this book explores the driving forces in organizational decision making. Author Nick Valcik takes a holistic view on organizational management, beginning with the core aspects of public organizations and the leadership competencies necessary to manage an organization successfully. Designed to be used on undergraduate and graduate courses in public administration and in public affairs programs, the book discusses the basics of organizational structure, delves into risk management issues, and offers a set of tools that can be used by administrators to make informed decisions based on actual data or documented processes. Throughout the book, real world case studies provide students and practitioners with a clear understanding of how exactly the right decision tool may be applied when facing a particular decision in any organization.

    Organizational Aspects. Introduction. Leadership. Resources. Personnel Issues. Organizational Direction. Strategy. Evaluation. Fitting the Pieces Together. Risk Management Issues and Solutions. Organizational Silos. Theoretical Models. Risk Management Tools. Risk Management. Practical Model. Example of Decisions Tools and Analysis in a Practical Setting. Development of LTS: A Case Study. Design of LTS. LTS Problem Analysis: Finding the Problems in Order to Solve Them. Designing LTS User Interfaces. Tools that can be used in Projects like LTS. Bias. Conclusion.


    Nicolas A. Valcik, Ph.D, is Associate Director of Strategic Planning and Analysis for the University of Texas at Dallas, USA. He also serves as clinical assistant professor of public affairs for the same university.

    "This book encompasses an approach to strategic planning for public and non-profit organizations that reveals how the theoretical framework of strategic planning translates to practice. The use of real case studies to demonstrate how the application of theory varies in a real environment across the spectrum of strategic planning provides learners with engaging material that will both hit home with in-service and pre-service students alike – this is certainly a must for any graduate course in strategic planning!" –Warren Eller, West Virginia University, USA

    "Strategic planning in today’s world is one of the most widely used tools for planning and decision-making in the public and non-profit sectors. Yet, there is much ambiguity around the elements and the process of successful strategic planning. This book is among the very few that not only makes it easy for students and practitioners to understand the complexities around strategic planning, but also connects theory to practice. The case studies in particular make the book an excellent resource for graduate and undergraduate teaching." –Meghna Sabharwal, University of Texas at Dallas, USA

    "Dr. Valcik draws from his extensive professional experience to give a comprehensive guide to strategic planning. He walks students through the process of designing and implementing strategic change, illustrating each step with practical exercises and case studies." – Aaron Wachhaus, University of Baltimore, USA