6th Edition

Strategic Writing Multimedia Writing for Public Relations, Advertising and More

    352 Pages 31 Color & 35 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    352 Pages 31 Color & 35 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    345 Pages 31 Color & 35 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    Featuring examples of strategic writing throughout the book, this practical, multidisciplinary text takes students through the fundamental concepts, genres, and techniques of writing for strategic communicators to connect with their publics.

    The book contains concise instructions for writing the key multimedia documents in strategic communication, each with an example in the text. Short, practice-oriented chapters each cover a key theme, principle or writing topic. This sixth edition features: new and more diverse examples; additional references on legal and ethical guidance, technical tools and other resources used by practicing professionals; a new Audience Persona chapter; and incorporation of digital trends, such as increased use of images, video and user-generated content as well as evolutions in mobile marketing and other emerging platforms.

    Strategic Writing, Sixth Edition is an essential textbook for undergraduate courses in public relations, advertising and strategic communication writing, particularly those that take a multidisciplinary approach.

    Online resources are also included to support instructors and students. Faculty will find sample assignments with rubrics and lecture slides. Students will find practice quizzes for each section; nine-step strategic writing process guidance with helpful links for each step; and examples, templates and online articles demonstrating strategic writing in practice. Please visit www.routledge.com/cw/hendershot.

    Introduction: How This Book Works


    SECTION 1: Strategic Writing

    1A: Introduction to Strategic Writing

    1B: The Importance of Good Writing

    1C: Research, Planning and the Writing Process

    1D: Writing for the Web

    1E: Writing for Social Media

    1F: Writing for Audio and Video

    1G: Strategic Design

    1H: Integrated Marketing Communications

    1I: Ethics and Strategic Writing  

    1J: Diversity and Inclusion in Strategic Writing

    1K: Persuasion and Strategic Writing

    1L: The Law and Strategic Writing           

    1M: Jobs in Strategic Writing


    SECTION 2: Strategic Writing in Public Relations

    2A: Introduction to Public Relations

    2B: Social Listening in Public Relations

    2C: Social Posting

    2D: Blogs

    2E: Podcasts

    2F: Websites     

    2G: News Releases

    2H: Announcement News Releases

    2I: Feature News Releases

    2J: Promotional News Releases 

    2K: Media Alerts

    2L: Pitches

    2M: Video News Releases and Direct-to-Audience Videos

    2N: Digital Newsrooms and Media Kits

    2O: Backgrounders

    2P: Fact Sheets

    2Q: Photo Opportunity Advisories

    2R: Newsletter and Magazine Stories

    2S: Annual Reports

    2T: Speeches


    SECTION 3: Strategic Writing in Advertising       

    3A: Introduction to Advertising

    3B: Strategic Message Planners 

    3C: Audience Personas

    3D: Creative Briefs

    3E: Social Media in Advertising

    3F: Print Promotions

    3G: Audio Advertisements

    3H: Video Advertisements

    3I: Digital Advertisements

    3J: Radio and TV Promotions

    3K: Public Service Announcements


    SECTION 4: Strategic Writing in Sales and Marketing

    4A: Introduction to Sales and Marketing

    4B: Social Media in Sales and Marketing

    4C: Content Marketing  

    4D: Social Media Calendars

    4E: Proposals and Marketing Communications Plans

    4F: Mobile Messages

    4G: Sales Messages

    4H: Fundraising Messages

    4I: Collateral Materials


    A: A Concise Guide to Punctuation

    B: A Concise Guide to Grammar

    C: A Concise Guide to Style

    D: Tips for Oral Presentations    


    Angie Hendershot is Professor of the Practice in the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications, University of Kansas, USA.

    Lisa Loewen is Lecturer in the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications, University of Kansas, USA.

    Charles Marsh is Professor Emeritus of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Kansas. His primary areas of research involve public relations, theories of cooperation and classical rhetoric.

    David W. Guth is Associate Professor Emeritus at the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications, University of Kansas. His areas of special research interest are crisis communication, political communication and public relations history.

    Bonnie Poovey Short was founder of Short Solutions, an award-winning editorial and creative services firm that specialized in the healthcare field. Though now retired, she also taught at the university level and served as communications coordinator for a school district.

    “This is an excellent overview of the wide range of writing types and skills that today’s students need to understand.  It’s an excellent teaching base upon which to build. “

    Russell. Mack, J.D., Instructor, Texas Christian University, USA.


    “This new edition is an impressive update to an already essential textbook for public relations and advertising writing students. The updated PR and social media writing sections are packed with insights for students on the reasons behind specific styles of written documents that are critical for the way today’s students learn. It’s already earned a prominent place on my bookshelf and in my classrooms.”

    Debra Bethard-CaplickMS,MBA,APR, Founder, Quicksilver Edge Strategic Communications and Adjunct Instructor, Loyola University Chicago, USA