1st Edition

Strategies and Tools for Corporate Blogging

By John Cass Copyright 2007
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    by Routledge

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    If advertising and public relations were the best ways to connect with a company's audience through traditional media, and blogs are the best way to connect with millions of customers through the medium of online consumer generated media, then how can companies best use blogs to connect with their audience through the medium of consumer-generated media?

    The answer is through blogger relations, the process of interacting with bloggers and blog readers to get a company's message to an audience. This book targets business people, marketing professionals, public relations firms, search engine optimization and online marketing agency staff with a primer on the importance of corporate blogging and how to conduct a successful blogger relations ongoing campaign.

    Chapter 1 The Need for Blogger Relations; Chapter 2 Determining If Your Organization Should Blog; Chapter 3 Developing a Blogger Relations Strategy; Chapter 4 Blogging Guidelines for Companies; Chapter 5 Tools for Blogger Relations; Chapter 6 Writing for Blogger Relations; Chapter 7 Dialogue and the Art of Conversation for Effective Blogger Relations; Chapter 8 Brand Strategies for Effective Blogging; Chapter 9 Blogosphere Communities; Chapter 10 Blogs from the Customer’s Perspective; Chapter 11 The Future of Blogger Relations;


    John Cass