1st Edition

Strategies for Accelerating Cleanup at Toxic Waste Sites Fast-Tracking Environmental Actions and Decision Making

By Scott Marshall Payne Copyright 1997

    Accelerating Cleanup at Toxic Waste Sites: Fast-tracking Environmental Actions and Decision Making presents truly innovative advances in investigative and cleanup technologies, offering valuable solutions that streamline the data collection process, speed up the time it takes to characterize a site, and expedite decision making.

    Using easy to understand graphic displays, tables, text summaries, and real world case studies, and by synthesizing technical and regulatory reference information crucial to the development of effective cleanup strategies,
    this book provides the framework for environmental professionals to develop project and program approaches that meet today's needs.

    An advanced text for those with at least basic understanding of environmental investigation, cleanup, regulations, decision making, and policy development, Accelerating Cleanup at Toxic Waste Sites addresses the "human" side of the environmental industry and why it is perhaps one of the most important considerations for successful accelerated cleanup. This book takes the next step by providing managers, project teams, and other professionals with approaches that bring techniques, regulations, strategies, and people together into one comprehensive package that works.

    Reasons for Accelerating Cleanup and Streamlining Decision Making
    Who Should Read This Book
    Fundamental Principles
    Book Organization
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    EPA's Information Transfer and Technology Demonstration Programs
    CERCLA Early Actions and Accelerated Cleanup
    RCRA and Other EPA Programs
    U.S. Department of Defense and Military Branches
    Department of Defense
    U.S. Air Force
    U.S. Navy
    U.S. Army
    U.S. Department of Energy
    Office of Environmental Management (OEM)
    OEM Environmental Restoration Program
    Office of Health and Environmental Research
    State and Local Environmental Programs
    Research Programs
    Voluntary Cleanup and Negotiating Actions Under State Programs
    State Underground Storage Tank Programs
    Western Governors Association
    State Abandoned Mine Reclamation Programs
    Developing Flexible Record of Decisions under CERCLA
    California Base Closure Environmental Committee
    Private Sector, Professional Organizations, and Concepts of Innovative Solutions
    Observational Approach
    Risk-Based Cleanup Approach
    Computer Modeling
    Geophysical Tools and Applications
    Innovative Technologies and Approaches
    Communication, Teamwork, Leadership, and Trust
    General Concepts
    People Training and Intervention
    Strategic Planning and Lowering Environmental Costs
    Strategic Planning
    Lowering Environmental Costs
    Appendix A: Environmental Resource Guide
    Appendix B: Completed U.S. EPA Site Measuring and Monitoring Technologies Evaluation Projects as of 1994
    Appendix C: Remediation Technology Matrix

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    Scott Marshall Payne (Author)